Monday 27 March 2017

The Reason My Paediatrician Asked Me To Switch To Moisturising Care For My Baby

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Mommyhood is the most beautiful surprise I have ever received. It made my heart smile and tinkled my soul. Those tiny pink fingers and toes were the cutest things I had ever laid my eyes on in my lifetime. They evoked in me a million emotions of warmth, of pride, of gratitude and of an unfathomable, unknown fear...

For someone like me who has always been relentlessly impeccable and on top of her job, this was the first time ever a new responsibility was making me shudder. My little precious one was such a tiny soul. I was sceptical in everything I did for the first few hours – if I was holding him correctly, if my feeding position was correct…what if I accidentally pressed his nose or if I fell asleep and shifted over him? But gradually, as the feeling sank in, and the motherly instincts took precedence, things automatically fell into place. Thankfully, it has remained so for the rest of the time till now with of course a little hiccups here and there.

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