Sunday 26 March 2017

The Last Few Moments Before You Arrive...

Indian Bloggers
Just the feeling that back to home you are coming
Brings back zeal to my lifeless moments

After days, I find myself in front of the mirror
For how I shall look in your eyes after what feels like an era

The house becomes home at the thought of welcoming you
Everything gets back to its place, spick and span

Whatever I cook in those precious moments of wait
Suddenly brim in a yum taste

My heart skips a beat
Imagining the doorbell ring

Music tings in my ears
As my arms wait to hold you near

Such a warm sea of emotions galore
I feel flooding my heart, as I open the door....
P.S. Certain moments are extra special, the warmth of the same exudes out of our heart as tender and raw poetic compositions, which may not be technically profound but capture the ecstatic feel of the moment so aptly.  With this little anecdote above, I commence a short and sweet segment of #MicroPoetry on #TrulyYoursRoma

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