Thursday 30 March 2017

6 Things I Am Careful Never To Say To My Child

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Parenting is like a vast ocean, there's always a risk involved no matter how good a swimmer you are. No books can ever make us a hands-on mom or dad only experience and instinct can. No same set of rules apply for two kids but having said that I do believe that one must refrain from saying a few things to their little ones. The reason is our children are our reflection. They shape up exactly the way we mould them into and most if true time it's our words which are playing with their consciences more than we can even imagine as for them we are their whole world. Below are the few things, I believe one must never say to his/her little one and if it becomes absolutely mandatory find an alternative ideal way of doing it.
1.    "No" : We don't have an idea how many times per day we say 'No' to our little buddies presuming that we are the best judge of what is good or bad for them. Of course we are, but our no breaks his confidence, makes him feel he's incapable of undertaking a certain task and kills his urge to volunteer or help. Worse he absorbs that no is the way of life and so every time we'll ask him to do something he'll naturally say No. Thus as parents we must make the wisest use of this powerful two letter word.
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