Wednesday 8 March 2017

My Little Bubble's Space Mission to Save Momma : His Third and Priceless one from his #ColgateMagicalStories Series

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It's exam time folks and my little one is elated as exam times are fun times in our house, I mean it literally. We believe in studying regularly and stay relaxed when needed to write the papers. Keeping the stress levels low and only a quick revision prevents over-burdening my tiny peanut's brain and not suppressing his mental ability. I prefer to let it rest a day before the exam so that he goes out as fresh as a daisy and applies the concepts in the exam paper to the best of his ability.
As a mommy I rather integrate more fun during these times to let his creative juices ooze out in a way that can be academically beneficial for him too plus makes his heart go ooh la la in excitement and happiness over his little sense of achievement. And guess that this time what came to my rescue? A couple of days before the social science exam, I lay my hands on the magical space adventure packs of #ColgateMagicalStories and I knew I have landed on my golden Talisman all over again. You know how every mommy always keeps some of her favourite cards in her pocket always to surprise her little bundle of wisdom. Last two years, he have already weaved many intriguing Colgate Magical Stories on the Magical Castle and the Sea World and there is nothing with makes his eyes shine is anticipation as much as to witness these new packs with altogether a new tale waiting to be brought to the world by mom's adorable story teller.

I was so right. On our way back from his bus stop, I told him there is a small surprise waiting for him on the table. This charged him immediately after a energy draining two and a half hours long English exam and he spread his priceless grin, that mom in me loves the most. In excitement, he covered the 10 mins long walk in I guess a little over 5-6 minutes and off he ran to his room only to be happiest little man on this earth.
"Woohoo, thank you, mom!
What will the characters be like this time?
Aah, I love Space Adventures.
I am a big boy now (will turn 8 soon), I will do it all by myself", his ecstatic pleasure just oozed out in words seamlessly as he thoroughly examined the pack.
And I knew Colgate has done it again, broken the monotony and help evoke creativity in the most fun way without even the little kiddo realising it (The icing on the cake this same excitement runs down his veins as he brushes his teeth with every mom's trust, Colgate, always hoping what surprise the next new pack will unfold for him). No, the school uniform was not changed, the lunch was not served, until he has cut open and had a sneak peak of all the adventurous space characters. I smiled in my heart as space was a significant part of the curriculum for his next exam and what better way to revise the monotonous subject than weaving stories around them.Thoughts and stories began churning in his brain and I had to literally pull him out to change and freshen up and have lunch before embarking on his space journey. Contrary to everyday, all of it was finished precisely in 15 minutes and impeccably.
What followed was a mommy sonny candid discussion over planets, rockets, satellites, astronauts etc. We talked everything from what would we like the characters to be knows as to how he wishes to become an astronaut when he grows up. Post that I gave him about an hour of free play to juggle with the characters and weave his best space adventure escapade and left his room.

Next, it was time for momma to be surprised with her little bubble's version of his space adventure. He did it even better added with more flavours of versatility when daddy darling came from work in the evening. I share it with you all, my precious readers, below in his own words.
Arsh's Space Escapade to Save Momma
"One bright Saturday morn, I got up late only to find mom not being around anywhere. Shiver went down my spines when I called her out many times but no one replied. It's then that my eyes spotted a letter kept on the dining table which stated that an alien from outer space has kidnapped mommy. Without wasting time I wanted to rescue her at all costs before he could harm her. I took the help of the astronaut uncle who visited our school some days back who took me to space with him in a rocket. He dropped me on a manned satellite from where I started my search operations in a space ship. Mr. Sun told me that I must check with Mr.Venus where all pretty ladies stayed. The alien might have trapped her there. But alas I didn't find mom there. On requesting Mr. Mars many times, he revealed he has seen some suspicious activity on the ringed Mr.Saturn where the alien often trapped lovely women who loved rings. I knew mamma loved rings a lot and so I rushed to Mr.Saturn in the way almost skipping a deadly clash with Mr.Comet. Hurray! I found Momma there and rushed to hug her. Tears rolled down my eyes for I have found my treasure my world back. Mom cuddled me in her arms like she always does. I planned to start back before the deadly alien arrived back and was about to take a flight, that's when I fell from my bed and woke up from my dream . Mom ran to comfort and hug me and I was most delighted to get her back both in my dream and reality.

Trust you liked my little sweetheart's space Adventure Escapade to save his mommy as much as we loved hearing it from him ounce by ounce.

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