Tuesday 14 March 2017

Sartorial Delights From My Mom's Closet

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Yesterday was Holi, my mum's Favourite festival and so I was so smitten by my childhood Holi memories with her. As I used to be a real shy girl, whenever someone entered our home on Holi with packets full of colours, I used to hide myself behind the loose end of my mom's saree and smiled from there watching everyone else being turned into a messy rainbow in no time. My Mom's Sarees which I initially loved for hiding me from the world and being my safest place, later became my most sought after sartorial delights from her closet.
She had a flair about donning them like no one else and her collection was so vivid and unique. She mostly preferred handloom sarees for she really cherished the impeccable skill of the weavers who created these masterpieces for her. I explicitly remember frowning at her when she spent hours at the saree shops admiring the work and prints on them before picking up the best. Nevertheless, I today realise how she enhanced my knowledge of its different types and how to pick up the best. When she left for the heavenly abode some years back, her cherished treasure of those priceless sarees automatically got passed on to me along with some elegant ideas about how to pick a perfect saree for any occasion.
Like her I too like to flaunt hand-women sarees whenever I choose to clad in one. When going for work related events or book releases I prefer a sober Chanderi saree which speaks volumes about your style and character in the most subtle manner. Its crazy avatars from airy cotton to crisp silk notes can woo hearts like no other Indian Dress ever can.
However, for a family function, Pooja and festivals, a classic Banarasi and Kanjivaram masterpiece is imparts perfection and grace to my look. My favourite Banarasi sarees come in hues of reds, maroons and blues and I love them all while my favourite Kanchivaram are the authentic ones which use the Zari from Surat and also has distinct temple motifs. These two are absolutely indispensable for a passionate saree lover like me.
But if there isn't an occasion or an event, my chosen saree shall be a Paithani Saree which accentuates a woman's beauty in its own incredible manner. I always adore the experimental design and artwork weavers merge in them seamlessly. The Peacock motifs on the Pallu and dual tone effect on them enhances the beauty whenever I drape myself in these sartorial enigmas.

Though I remain extremely choosy at picking them, possessing my rare treasure of these handloom masterpieces makes me ecstatic and filled with pride. These Sarees undoubtedly shall forever remain my most coveted possession also because each one of them brings back the memories of my most beloved mom and her wisdom.

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