Wednesday 1 February 2017

Greatest Lessons My Worthy Teacher 'Life' Taught Me

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Life indeed is the most inspirational journey one undertakes no matter he realises this fact how early or late in life. It is beautiful, it is precious and we are blessed to be born as its most intellectual form. No doubt it tests us, disturbs us and even sinks us in despair many  times but those are its ways of enriching us with some great lessons which are best received by our hearts in severe pain and crisis.

I remain indebted to life for some exceptional lessons it has taught me in the course of my life albeit through tough experiences, I still salute it each day for being my best teacher so far and I really look up to it as a real parent. The first lesson it taught me at a very tender age is 'self-dependence' when my parents had to leave me with my relatives at the age of 4 so that I got good education. Though I don't recall but I am sure it would have been most difficult initially but today it is my biggest boon. I weave my cores and my work of the day such that I have to depend the least on others help and if I do identify a weakness my heart aches, till that weakness is arrested and worked upon. My mom always said that independence is the strongest weapon in the hands of a woman and half of her atrocities are gone the day she embraces the same.

Another lesson which keeps me moving is 'never look behind', live in the present and plan for your future. What is gone is gone, revisiting a painful past shall only bring in misery or a happier past only unnecessary comparisons. I weave only sweet memories in the course of life's journey and keep them etched on my heart while forgetting the bad ones but of course remembering the teachings it gave me.

My experiences in life so far have also taught me to follow my instinct and trust a person only if my heart consents of him/her being worthy of it. Most of my friends for life are the ones whom I met as strangers but whom I allowed to enter my heart by a true gut feeling. I call them Life-made-ties and place them above blood-ties.

However the biggest lesson life has taught me is to 'value the love of your loved ones' who love you unconditionally and reciprocate it with a little more, even if it calls for a few sacrifices or embracing silence where probably you as an individual have a different stand. This also means not acting at the spur of the moment, thinking over it and then speaking your mind softly at a suitable time. Do express, the softer we speak, greater shall be the impact. Often being impulsive and expressing angst immediately ruins very healthy relationships. Rather we must nurture them with love and warmth and support for them to last for a lifetime. This principle in life has gradually start to work wonders for me and I am eternally grateful to life for making me realise the same.

This post is written for the INDISPIRE Edition154 What is the best lesson that life has taught you so far? #LessonOfLife

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