Monday 7 November 2016

Dear Zindagi, here's an Earnest Note of Gratitude to you Straight from the Heart ❤❤

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Dear Zindagi,

I am so happy writing to you today,  eventually. For long, I owed this note of gratitude to you for making me destiny's chosen child and teaching me how to weave the tit  bits of joy and drop the elongated strands of setbacks, while sailing through this precious journey with you. When the world abandoned me right at my birth for being a girl child, you held my tiny finger firmly and became my first inspiration to live. Probably in those overwhelming moments I had learnt to stay positive no matter how hard the circumstances hit. No on else but you taught me how to spread my first smile which I flaunt till date with equal pride.

Amidst all the turmoil, you gave me my awesome dad who took me away promising himself to always protect his tiny damsel. Can I thank you enough for this blessing? Mom selflessly sacrificed her ambitions to give me the right foundation. Again, Can I thank you enough for conferring her to me...

Life for me thereafter became a bed of equal number of roses and thorns but I am glad you have taught me how to hold on the dimmest ray of hope in a room dark.Thus at the age of 4 when I was sent to live with my maternal grandparents for seeking better education and my parents could not manage time to come and meet me,  I already knew  destiny has decided to test its favorite child again but you know what, you have already given me the confidence to take life in my stride as it comes.

My fondness for you thus kept multiplying with every passing day. I always feel you are my best friend to whom I pour out my heart each day for umpteen years. From you crops my Divine connection to Writing. You are my favorite Teacher who lets me learn it all the hard way by facing and experiencing every situation head on. And did I say, I truly enjoy your company.

You best aspect is you challenge me by entrapping me in tricky situations, you get my social science board exam marks printed at 46 in place of 96 on the mark-sheet and then you make me fight hard to come out victorious with flying colors. You make me miss my counseling call for an All India Rank of 436 in Engineering Entrance Examination and then you get me admission in a college where I meet my eternal soulmate. How much I adore this hide and seek of ours when you chose to grant me two biggest joys of my life, my dream job and the news of my pregnancy on the same day leaving me to fathom the dilemma and clear my mind on my priorities.

Of course there are moments when I curse you for testing me like hell but I guess now I appease myself stating that I am your favorite and this is your way of enriching my journey. Thus it's only pure love that oozes out for you from my heart. I want to hug you tight, the way I used to hug mom before she left for heavenly abode many years back. That time was really tough and thank you for giving me the inner strength to take care of my dad and little brother.

With failing words, I express my gratitude to you for being such a worthy companion through thick and thin and embracing me wholeheartedly like your own baby. Thank you for not abandoning me at any stage and holding on firmly to the tiny finger you had held at my birth. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have enriched my life with, my precious half and my little bundle of joy.Thank you for making me capable to look into the eyes of worst and live life king size on my own terms.Thank you #DearZindagi, over and over again for everything, I truly owe my heart to you, forever and ever..

Hey, I witness some beautiful moments of you in the upcoming flick which is named after you - 'Dear Zindagi'. It stars the King Khan and Alia Bhatt and is yet another lovely tale of yours. Come let's watch it together.

                                                                                ~Truly Yours Roma 

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.
                          Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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