Sunday 20 November 2016

Bringing to you the Jug of my Dear Zindagi

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I am not a movie buff but meaningful cinema close to real life is very me and I really look forward to such soft touching films with a heart-warming and thoughts tinkling message.

One such movie which is going to hit the theaters soon is 'Dear Zindagi' whose teasers have appeased my soul and persuaded and coaxed me enough to dig out most secrets about it before I watch the first day first show on 25th November.. This is when I discovered my all time favorite The Majestic Shahrukh Khan plays a bestie to the bubbly Alia Bhatt in the much awaited movie. Alia lovingly calls his most trustable friend Jahangir Khan the reel name of Shahrukh in this heartwarming tale as 'JUG' which is quite amusing as well as interesting and the real story behind the nomenclature still remains a tight lipped secret. As I  gear up to watch this magical movie made by my favorite director Gauri Shinde, I thought why not I share about the Jug of my life too, who is the sweetest piece of my heart.

She is none other than my most beloved and hidden from the world friend Kirti. Well it is rare that a writer falls short of words to describe her friendship but the magical relationship that I have with her is one whose divine bonding all the words of the world put  together fail to describe.
She is my 2 a.m. best buddy who is a incomparable magical pot of right advises for you no matter how tricky a situation you are trapped in. We have been together for over 10 years and it's not that we meet everyday but whenever we do the amount of fun, giggling and naughtiness that fills the atmosphere is one of its kind and if not we are united in our words  and deeds forever through our phones.

What keeps the spark of our friendship alive is the way our attributes complement each other. While I am an emotional creative bee she is one sweet girl always bubbling with practical wisdom.She is a bond and a wonderful  homemaker, an example of perfection to so many. I love her impeccable ways of dealing with the most gruesome situations of life where anyone would have given up but she pulled through and not just barely managed but adorably so.

I have innumerable sweet memories with her and I continue weaving infinite more each day.We were married the same year and were immediate neighbors, that's how we met. While I worked from 7 to 7 it was worth the effort for a hot cup of tea she served me with all her prudence and love each day when I returned. That is where a strong foundation of our friendship was laid. Our children were born with a difference of 26 days too. God has united us like two real soul sisters do and I can never be grateful enough to Almighty for conferring her to me.Later she shifted to Mumbai and me to Pune but the strings of our heart are connected in a priceless bond. We talk each day and I love to love her and soak myself in her unconditional life and guidance.

She is and will always continue to be the fragrance of my life, my JUG, this little piece is an ode to our friendship, love.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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