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An Ideal way to Plan as well as Secure your Family's Future - Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plan

I never forget to reiterate that life is a beautiful and most precious gift from God and we must cherish it and make it worthwhile. This is the biggest lesson I have learnt from my daddy darling. Another thing I proudly inherit from my banker dad is to most wisely allocate my hard earned money to get maximum tangible and intangible benefits out of it. I don't know when he has embedded his personal 70-30 thumb rule deep in my heart and no matter how meager I earn,  I have always saved and will continue to save at least 30% of my income. This saving satiates my soul and make me further reinforce my belief in myself.

But only saving is not enough. Wise allocation of our resources is the vital key to perfect financial planning. While it is essential to invest to fulfill ours and our loved ones' dreams, it is equally important to secure them from any untoward happening and thus insure oneself. In happier days we don't realize the worth of these plannings, but they are what truly aid us sail smooth when the sea of life is rough.

Lately, I came to know about Canara HSBC OBC's awesome ULIP Plan which is a perfect combo of part protection and part investment plan, all set to launched soon, and it drew me towards it almost instantaneously. 

I could not resist digging deep in this wonderful opportunity which truly appeared to be an earnest endeavor not only to aid us plan better to reap the best benefits but also confers us with different protection features through its different benefit options as per our needs.

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to get two of your biggest financial worries solved by one unique plan which not only promises to fulfill your dreams but saves you from the tedious and tiring process of getting insured directly.

The icing on the cake is we can customize this plan in accordance to our needs and make the most out of it. To know more visit:

I repeat friends life is a beautiful journey secure it , plan it, protect it and make it rock , pick up the best HSBC OBC ULIP Plan.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Candid Take on 'The Story of a Suicide' by 'Sriram Ayer' : A Masterpiece with a Purpose

My Precious Readers, it took me a lot lot courage to confess it here, a secret that I have hidden in my heart for decades not years but if my story coupled with an inspirational novella like this can serve as an eye opener to the one in need, it's worth admitting. Yes, I accept, I have been, depressed, depressed for a very very long time in my life. I know how it feels, it really hurts within, the despondency was killing and I could watch my world shattering around me but I couldn't help myself, no matter how hard I try. I was constantly being pulled into a well of self proclaimed failure! I was dying a thousand deaths each moment and the silence and loneliness were stifling...It surely is better to die once that the repeated trauma. 

As a suicide attempt survivor, I really really understand the darkness that engulfs us when we let the desire of ending one's life take shape in ourselves, probably the seemingly easiest solution to put an end to our woes.Mostly I believe the fear of what society will think, the social stigma triggers and accentuates such an act. Mom, dad everyone's there but the power of that negative moment refutes all authority and support. The heart bleeds and pumps so hard that the blood roll down from the eyes in uninterrupted cascades.

Even a thought of those lonely moments still makes fear run down my spines. I was truly Destiny's Chosen Child that I survived my vehement attempt to put a perennial end to God's greatest gift of life, many years ago. This was the reason I picked up the read of the much applauded release, 'The Story of a Suicide' by 'Sriram Ayer' and am so so glad I did. I was glued to it for hours and finished it in one go quite unlike the busy mommy me whose times slots are so damn tightly scheduled (Don't trust me check out the engrossing trailer below) .

Well the reasons were umpteen, the sensitive narration took me back in time and resonated with my heart's strings, its emotions. At several occasions my eyes got soaked in tears at the impeccable portrayal of the characters and the seamless weaving of circumstances in the life of the protagonists Hari, Sam, Charu and Mani(I dare not view any antagonists here from the angle I perceive the characters) whose life intersect when they join an esteemed institute called KIT. Undoubtedly written with a lot of patience, hard work, prudence and perseverance, words fail me to laud the attempt of the author who has created this Masterpiece with a Purpose

Plot and Synopsis of the Open Book 

The Story of a Suicide is an earnest endeavor of the author to weave together emotions of love, denial, homosexual inclinations, rejection, deceit, angst, depression and vulnerability yet enabling the 4 main characters hold on the ray of hope no matter how bleak it serve it as an eye-opener to current generation whose endurance span has unfortunately shrunk. Each of them represent real life people like you and me whose past determines what they are today.

While Hari finds it extremely difficult to heal the scars of child abuse he has faced at the hands of a near and dear one, his present Homosexual Orientations create further turmoil in him. His dilemmas are very genuinely expressed and touch the heart.

Contrasting is the character of Sam, who is an ardent tech geek. His bruised heart after a break up with Priya, recovers quickly when Charu enters his life. 

Charu, a rebel,  truly is the heart stealer of the novella, whose exuberant spirit despite the hardships of life, is contagious. Well, all girls must definitely read this book to learn worthy lessons of life from this damsel (if not exactly be as aggressive as her). I loved the conviction of the author in putting forward a woman's thought so crystal clear.

On the contrary, Mani falls a prey to the circumstances and attempts suicide. His admittance for his love for Hari appears candid and you must turn the pages of this book, to know more about this love story.

Its worth reading how these characters  intersect each other on the crossroads of life.

This book not only carves genuine integrated tales which leads a human being to succumb to the vicious traps of life but also aids its readers with best out of the box advice to deal with such situations, rendered softly often directly or indirectly through its characters. It also abysmally brings forth the somersault of human emotions under which some perish while they are the fittest who survive.

Tone and Aesthetics 
The tone of the book is optimally balanced and is not turned sadistic at any point of time. The language is crisp and leaves a lasting impact. It grabs a piece of your mind and heart and casts a spell. The characters are woven intricately and with adequate finesse and are not left to drag at any point of the book. You can make the most of this inspirational thematic novella if you maintain an optimum pace of reading it. The use of hashtags makes it more relatable to the current generation.

High Point
For me the high point of this book is the beautiful synchronization of the impeccable story telling by Sriram Ayer and larger than life illustrations of the same by the very talented Ghana. The illustrations carve the mental frames in which the story is beautifully set and served to the audience multiplying the impact several fold. All in all, in my eyes, the vision to integrate the two was a welcome idea to bring about the most lasting impact on the minds of the readers, the very agenda of this excellent book.

Overall Rating of the Book
I rate this book a perfect 5/5 and #MustRead for the great chunk of learning it can impart the current generation who are leading the life of a bubble. I wish I had this book in my arms a decade ago and my vision to look at life would have been so much different and broad.

My Mantra to Deal-Stranger Therapy
Lastly, a last word for my esteemed readers from someone who has experienced the word Suicide from the nearest angle. Life is a precious, very precious gift from Lord Almighty my dears, value it, cherish it, make it worthwhile , lead it with a smile as wide as river Nile but when... trapped you feel in circumstances that don't heal, seek help of anyone - a loved one, an acquaintance or even a  stranger(better so if he is a psychiatric professional) , whomever you feel comfortable to share your heart with. You don't realize but that neutral person will open many undiscovered new vistas to you with a calm mind which you failed to visualize in your gloomy state. This is my personal experience. Pour all the woes of your heart to him/her, just empty them and their Therapeutic Healing Touch soothe you.

Final Word
Do Read 'The Story of a Suicide' by'Sriram Ayer' which for its a million dollar book and please let your near and dear ones read it too for the divine healing touch it spreads. 

About The Author
Sriram Ayer is a social entrepreneur, writer,compulsive dreamer 
and the founder ofNalandaWay Foundation, which works with children from the weakest strata in India, helping them using the creative power of arts, to become creative, learn life-skills, build self-confidence and succeed in schools. Named by the Outlook Business magazine as one of the top 50 social entrepreneurs in India, he has received numerous awards, including the World Bank’s South Asia development marketplace award, 'Architect of the Future' by Waldzell Institute, Austria, Ashoka Fellowship and more recently the Millennium Award instituted by US AID, Govt. of India, UK AID and FICCI.

Click Here: To Read or Hear The Soft Version of The Book and aid in spreading this 'MasterPiece With A Purpose'by sharing it as much as possible and be the 'Face of Positive Change'.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Yes, Dreams Do Come True : A Glimpse of My #DreamTrails

A Relaxing Vacation in an Impeccable Mahindra Club Resort like this is a Dream Come True
With my truest companions, my dreams, I sail life's beautiful journey
Their presence tinkles my soul and warms my heart

They make every moment that comes along
Remain in my heart like a song

With my camera and my binoculars
I unleash my power to lead where these dreams leave their trails 

I am truly a vagabond, with a difference that I get this title not by virtue of choice but by the virtue of my birth, strange yet true. You may find it amusing that I am born and brought up across 7 states in India and when someone asks me where do I belong do, I instead have a very long tale to narrate. My adorable banker dad's honestly got him transferred to the remotest corners of India and that too at an unbelievable rapid frequency. No matter how much I cursed leaving my friends, school and house so often, then, today I realize that such quick movements shaped my personality and made me what I am today. 

 I picked up different languages, learnt to make friends instantaneously and also became most adaptable no matter how adverse a situation presented itself, I kind of learnt the tact to tackle it. During this period,  I also made my pen and my camera my inseparable best buddies. As time flew, my love to discover new places, their art and culture, their specialties and cuisines became more explicit and I began to dream more and more about them. Even capturing every bit of them with my pen and camera on my blog "Straight From the Heart".

 Incidentally my job of a Global Quality Specialist after completion on my Automobile engineering made me travel crazily too across the lengths and breadth of India and abroad.  Quietly yet strongly the vagabond in me kept spreading its spell on me but I didn't quite realize this, as my dreams were naturally getting fulfilled.... until...

Until Wonderful Motherhood arrived, some years back . My priorities thus naturally shifted and I got immersed in taking care of my little one along with free lancing, as my job called for crazy amount of travelling. As my precious half, had huge travelling too, we decided that I will step down for a while to give our little angel proper nurturing. I admit the coming years were absolutely full of maternal bliss and I loved every moment of it except for the vagabond inside me stifled. My travel obviously became limited to my car drives, because of a little one in my arms but not my beautiful dreams. 

My Travel Tales became limited to places where my car took, yet it kept the Vagabond in me alive

 I love to dream, yes, I truly do. My dreams are my world which keep my smiles and my spirit alive. I dream to have my own cabin in the lap of Mother Nature at the center of the backwaters of Kerala, with everything serine and calm. I dream of taking a walk bare feet there on the frost laden green soaked grass and breathe in the natural fragrance of lush green herbs and surrounding blue waters there. 

In absolute tranquility,here,  I would satiate the writer in me with bringing down the most candid pure thoughts on a piece of paper; I would serve the reader in me with my long cherished pieces of reads; I would please the lens of my camera with the capture of impeccable shots, like never before, parallely also recorded in my heart and I would let the foodie in me savor the most delectable authentic cuisines served on tender banana leaves.

 Mesmerized and lost in nature's beauty, I would also love to immerse myself in the gust of streams and waterfalls, tinkling the softest chords of the heart. For days to come, like a carefree Maverick bird , I would like to drown myself in the rich heritage of God's own country. Icing on the cake shall be occasionally having a soft chat with locals in mild drizzle, knowing about the art and history and some nearby undiscovered territory or species,to appease the vagabond in me.

Every time the city life took a toll on me, I will retire to this cabin of mine and rejuvenate myself in mother nature's pure love and beauty. There is nothing else I seek from God but the wings to fulfill my dreams.

  The Kind God does listened to me and showed me the exact place of my dreams called Kumarakom in Kerala when I was surfing online last night, trying to strengthen my supple wings. This place seems nothing less than a Paradise and entranced me within moments. Though he did not give me my own cabin there, but gifted me an Eureka to fulfill my dreams almost immediately in the form of Club Mahindra Resort located there. 

The resort looked absolutely stunning and exactly like the one I had often seen in my dreams. My eyes lit at the very sight of the lovely cottages in this astoundingly graceful yet another magnificent Mahindra Property and the desire to be right there is burning all the more stronger in me. Ideal in location and exotic in ambiance, it undoubtedly is a Perfect Realization of my #DreamTrails!

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

Book Review: 'Logically Stupid That's Love' by Shikha Kumar

I am a voracious reader who has to feed the writer within with at least three times the read of the amount I write. Phew! That's how it is. I love to read at any hour of the day, at any place and in any mood. I can practically read anything and everything under the sun. But I am a self-confessed Love & Romance genre addict and I generally try not to miss most books enlisted in this category earnestly also because my last wish on earth is to create an immortal love story novella that will keep me alive in the hearts of my readers even when I am gone (this is the first time I have confessed this publicly though). 

Sorry Shikha, I spoke a bit about myself though it's you who does deserve a huge round of applause for creating this sweet and crisp eccentric love tale. Yes, I am talking about author Shikha Kumar's  latest book,'Logically Stupid That's Love' which is a straight from the heart love saga of Karthik and Suhana who were woven together over years by destiny only to cross roads again and again, until...

The author has beautifully depicted how today our ambitions make everything else in life take a backseat only to later realize that in the same we lose ourselves and our happiness eventually. The protagonists of the story are two extreme contrasts in terms of realizing their true love and giving the most legitimate treatment to it.

The characters are beautifully and candidly portrayed while the curiosity is kept alive throughout the 270 odd pages, with the story not turning monotonous at any point of time. I have almost fallen in love with Suhana for all the goodness and positivity she emanates. All the support characters are beautifully conceived too and are not left to drag or abandoned by the author abruptly.

It's a lovable love story and I loved it all the more because it had a distinct resemblance to my real life. I am so glad it didn't contain the typical going on the knees and the girl begging boy sequences. 

Another positive aspect of this book is it portrays love in all its purest forms between any two individuals whether it's between Suhana and her dad and mom or Karthik with his prudent dad or mischievous yet adorable sibling. 

If you love reading beautiful realistic happy ending cute love stories this one undoubtedly is for you. It will evoke your curiosity, soothe and tinkle your heart and give you a wonderfully good night sleep, post you finish the read. 

The books is easily available in Bookstores and all online portals.