Monday 22 August 2016

An Ideal way to Plan as well as Secure your Family's Future - Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plan

I never forget to reiterate that life is a beautiful and most precious gift from God and we must cherish it and make it worthwhile. This is the biggest lesson I have learnt from my daddy darling. Another thing I proudly inherit from my banker dad is to most wisely allocate my hard earned money to get maximum tangible and intangible benefits out of it. I don't know when he has embedded his personal 70-30 thumb rule deep in my heart and no matter how meager I earn,  I have always saved and will continue to save at least 30% of my income. This saving satiates my soul and make me further reinforce my belief in myself.

But only saving is not enough. Wise allocation of our resources is the vital key to perfect financial planning. While it is essential to invest to fulfill ours and our loved ones' dreams, it is equally important to secure them from any untoward happening and thus insure oneself. In happier days we don't realize the worth of these plannings, but they are what truly aid us sail smooth when the sea of life is rough.

Lately, I came to know about Canara HSBC OBC's awesome ULIP Plan which is a perfect combo of part protection and part investment plan, all set to launched soon, and it drew me towards it almost instantaneously. 

I could not resist digging deep in this wonderful opportunity which truly appeared to be an earnest endeavor not only to aid us plan better to reap the best benefits but also confers us with different protection features through its different benefit options as per our needs.

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to get two of your biggest financial worries solved by one unique plan which not only promises to fulfill your dreams but saves you from the tedious and tiring process of getting insured directly.

The icing on the cake is we can customize this plan in accordance to our needs and make the most out of it. To know more visit:

I repeat friends life is a beautiful journey secure it , plan it, protect it and make it rock , pick up the best HSBC OBC ULIP Plan.

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