Monday 1 August 2016

Book Review: 'Logically Stupid That's Love' by Shikha Kumar

I am a voracious reader who has to feed the writer within with at least three times the read of the amount I write. Phew! That's how it is. I love to read at any hour of the day, at any place and in any mood. I can practically read anything and everything under the sun. But I am a self-confessed Love & Romance genre addict and I generally try not to miss most books enlisted in this category earnestly also because my last wish on earth is to create an immortal love story novella that will keep me alive in the hearts of my readers even when I am gone (this is the first time I have confessed this publicly though). 

Sorry Shikha, I spoke a bit about myself though it's you who does deserve a huge round of applause for creating this sweet and crisp eccentric love tale. Yes, I am talking about author Shikha Kumar's  latest book,'Logically Stupid That's Love' which is a straight from the heart love saga of Karthik and Suhana who were woven together over years by destiny only to cross roads again and again, until...

The author has beautifully depicted how today our ambitions make everything else in life take a backseat only to later realize that in the same we lose ourselves and our happiness eventually. The protagonists of the story are two extreme contrasts in terms of realizing their true love and giving the most legitimate treatment to it.

The characters are beautifully and candidly portrayed while the curiosity is kept alive throughout the 270 odd pages, with the story not turning monotonous at any point of time. I have almost fallen in love with Suhana for all the goodness and positivity she emanates. All the support characters are beautifully conceived too and are not left to drag or abandoned by the author abruptly.

It's a lovable love story and I loved it all the more because it had a distinct resemblance to my real life. I am so glad it didn't contain the typical going on the knees and the girl begging boy sequences. 

Another positive aspect of this book is it portrays love in all its purest forms between any two individuals whether it's between Suhana and her dad and mom or Karthik with his prudent dad or mischievous yet adorable sibling. 

If you love reading beautiful realistic happy ending cute love stories this one undoubtedly is for you. It will evoke your curiosity, soothe and tinkle your heart and give you a wonderfully good night sleep, post you finish the read. 

The books is easily available in Bookstores and all online portals.

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