Friday 8 July 2016

Zimmber Home Services : An Absolute Surprise Package

On a day when you are confined by crazy rain outside and the impending lethargy of the beautiful weather, wouldn't it be absolute bliss to be pampered at the comfort of your home by some of the perfect beauticians who are adept at their task.

 Yesterday was one such day where I decided to try on Zimmber Home Services. It was undoubtedly not a fluke decision as some of my acquaintances have tried them and have highly recommended them to me... But still seeing is believing and I went on to try their 'Salon at Home' Service.

I used the Zimmber App to book an appointment of the same and post that l received a call from their executive who courteously made me aware of many fabulous Zimmber Essential Combos also aiding me to choose the best value for money deal for myself.
She even streamlined that the best beautician reaches my place and dot on time.

Thus the first impression was awesome. For the next 6 hours I am very sure I was in the most awesome hands.A bleach, facial, wax, pedicure, manicure etc helped my nerves relaxed. The best part was the lady didn't rush through things, her relaxed fingers felt perfect on my skin.I admit I caught a nap between her face massage which was quite unlike me.All in all it felt absolutely enthralling and I was too pleased with myself to have chosen Zimmber.

 Now you would think that such above par services would have come at a huge fortune for me. And that's where you are wrong, my friend. Zimmber Home Services are absolutely minimal in comparison to what I shelved at big parlors which invariably always bore a hole in my pocket. To just give you an idea, the package I mentioned above was only worth 1799/-. Now can you believe it! Isn't it such an awesome way to shower some self love on an otherwise dull monotonous day? I love rain and love to look lovely too (which is so difficult in this humid weather) and if someone just imparts me that gorgeous look in the cozy corner of my home , I am truly impressed.

Me after the Zimmber Pampering
This infact coaxed me to explore Zimmber further and they turned out to be an absolutely worthy surprise package. Other than Salon at Home, they also provide home services for Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Microwave, PC, Laptop and Geyser Repair, AC and Carpentry Service, Sofa a Spa, Pest Control, Packers and Movers, Home Spa, Driver on Demand, Plumbing and Electrical Service, Color your Home and Carpet Spa. So actually they aid you in probably having every single service at your door step. Further impressed, I am.

 So now all I got to do it book an appointment on Zimmber and rest assured that only the best in that field would be at my service at an absolute affordable rate. I am so glad I decided to try on Zimmber, have you ?  In case you are not able to hold yourself after reading my experience, click here.

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