Monday 4 July 2016

As I approach my 2nd Bloganniversary, I cherish my new growing affinity to Affimity

It's soon going to be two sweet n saucy years of mine in the blogging world and I cherish spending every single moment in this adorable community of intellectuals, my fellow bloggers some of whom have even become my best friends today.

These two years have been the years of EVOLUTION for me where I have worked inch by inch carving out my small niche in their hearts and in the hearts of my esteemed readers.

From only knowing how to write, I have learnt to adorn my Blog with medals and badges and to building my dedicated reader base. I have also learnt to harness the power of social media and blogging platforms to open new vistas for myself.  

But over a period I am kind of lost in all of them often unable to decide if I am genuinely investing my time in them or wasting 70% of in scrolling through things that don't interest me. The result is I miss on the guys and topics whom I would genuinely love to read and simply indulge in a like for like or share for share activity, which i despise from the bottom of my heart.

Thus when I came to know about AFFIMITY, an interest based social networking platform primarily for bloggers to get along with like minded people with common interests, it took me seconds to get on it. 

The initial navigation was smooth where I chose my favorite channels on it, the subjects that are close to my heart, out of its  well laid categories.

 I then chose the people I will like to read and connect with on those subjects and was astonished how I could connect with them instantaneously ,share my opinion or seek advice without wasting my precious time searching for the right hashtag or finding the right group to post my query in.

Another aspect that improved drastically was the visibility of worthy posts. As a writer we know in our heart, how good a particular piece of our writing has turned out to be and when it breaks our heart , when it does not garner the deserved response on the generic social media where a majority of the links often go unnoticed and unopened. Since AFFIMITY bonds me with people who have similar liking, it's almost guaranteed that they always go through my work and relate with it. Their honesty and candid feedback help me grow.

Not only this they became a priceless aid in promoting my work for based on their interests in my subjects and their repeated advent on my blog. This I believe, in due course of time, improves my brand visibility and help me monetize my write ups.

AFFIMITY thus for me is a EUREKA in the blogging community and one giant step in the right direction to bring about a more meaningful interest based Social interaction platform for the masses.
It is extremely user-friendly and its mobile App is easily available too. It's a hands on tool for the bloggers to stay updated and contribute in the avenues they have chosen for themselves minus the unnecessary clutter (This also leaves us with more time to focus on our primary task of creating quality content). You can just upload your post there and just witness how it creates buzz. Nothing pleases our heart and soul to see ourselves on the leader-board there.

Are you a Blogger? Not on AFFIMITY yet, you surely are missing something....Click here to Try it Out and don't forget to Add Me in your connections, if my posts interest you...Here's a link to my profile: ... :)

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