Sunday 10 July 2016

Laying the Foundation Right of her Little Munchkin is a Mom's Biggest Delight as well as Worry

Motherhood indeed is extremely precious and beautiful. Every single phase of being a mom brings in precious memories and right from the time a mom holds her tiny bundle of joy and plays with those tiny toes, she worries of the well being of her little one. Similar has been the stream of emotions tickling my heart when Lord Almighty blessed me with a cute little boy, seven years ago. It seems it was only yesterday that I was so inquisitive to learn the ideal composition of my diet so that my breast fed baby isn't under-nourished and looses growth.

Post that phase, year on year, my little Angel grew and his tender wings needed the right nourishment to grow on strength and fly high and I am so glad I took the right decisions at right time to lay the foundation of good health right in his very formative years. Since I am a strong advocate of fruits and vegetables , I introduced a lot of soups , mashed fruits and ragi porridge very early on in his routine. 

As he grew up a little more I meticulously  introduced egg and my own favorite from my childhood Horlicks to his milk, adding nutritious value and flavor to it and a wonderful taste to sooth my little boy's taste buds. I also never compromised on the value of having a balanced diet and always served lentils, chapatis, seasonal rich veggies, yogurt and salad to him, even before he learnt to eat on his own, to develop the habit. Today, he ensures I don't miss anything out of these, in his plate.

In fact, I invariably also ensured that he never lagged behind in growth milestones of height -weight parameters and was timely immunized. A word of guidance from his pediatrician was absolutely essential too and I never let any preoccupation miss my routine appointment. There was a brief period when as a Pre-Schooler he got repeated bouts of cough and cold and made us very anxious as parents. This also made him a very fussy eater.

We frantically searched for options to catch up on our child's lost growth where he did lag behind at that moment. But with timely intervention and best advice from elders and docs , we could gradually work upon his immunity and hunger and it is satisfying that today he enjoys a sound health.

While I was always ensuring his physical well being, I made sure he grew mentally and physiologically too into a strong individual. I sang rhymes and narrated stories to him even when he was in my womb and I kept adding devotional songs and soft music etc to my playlist for him, when he was born as I always believed that has some kind of positive impact on the kid. I also believed in sharing a lot of smiles and laughter together and continue it till present day, as it will always give him more emotional stability and trust on his parents. 

Another message I always keep reiterating to my fellow parents is that we must shun all notions that make us force our little kids to always keep studying and subject them to unnecessary comparisons. I practice this deliberately to the best of my abilities. I always let my tiny bud flourish in the nourishment of happiness and love and I am sure he will bloom into a beautiful flower at the right time.

Today, he is seven years old and though I admit I still worry of his diet and physical and mental well being , I am so so glad he has turned out to be a really talented and healthy boy who takes keen interest in all activities alike may it be dancing, public speaking, a fancy dress or sports or arts and crafts apart from being sincere in his studies.

Time is just flying by and he is growing up as a rapid pace. To ensure his adequate nourishment, I still stick to my basic mantras of Milk enriched in Horlicks Growth + which contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients, in case I missed on something really essential for his vital growth to aid him #CatchUpOnGrowth, and a balance diet, as this delights the mom in me and rids her of her fright :)

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