Tuesday 26 July 2016

My little Munchkin goes Treasure-Hunting with #ColgateMagicalStories

Last year, about the same time, when monsoon confined tiny souls indoor and prevented them from play, I and my little sonny, had a great time, with my little boy going wild in his imaginations and weaving awesome #ColgateMagicalStories. It was truly a pleasure to present My Little Angel's Masterpiece as my first ever Vlog last August. It undeniably satiated a mom's soul as for the first it was not me who was telling him a story but it was vice-versa.

Thus, no points for guessing that when we learnt that the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs are out with Sea Creatures and some related trivia inside in 4 different types of packs, the first one to jump out of bed was my tiny darling who could not hold his excitement to peep through the magical boxes and let loose the horses of his imagination. I admired the spark in his eyes and actually earnestly looked forward to his innocent and awesome stories, promising him that he can have the packs next day when he is back from school.

Sharp at memory, little sonny rushed home as he got down from his school bus. His charming grin revealed that only a 10 minutes quick lunch( which I would not let him skip under any circumstances) lied between him and his Colgate Magical Stories Sea Creatures.

Here you go! Excitement was undoubtedly in the air as he dived into his own world of marine fantasies with the super  cute sea creatures , characters and some lovely backdrops for the lovely stories that would soon be born.

The smart mommy in me decided to gift my 7 year old more independence this time with scissors (though I knew his cuttings may lack the finesse but practice makes a man perfect) and he took about an hour cutting the characters and assimilating them post which we had a candid discussion around each picture. His cute stories set on various backdrops and layouts, he chose each time, stole my heart and I myself got smitten by the charm of the characters thus becoming a child myself.

Lovely #ColgateMagicalStories weaved with lovely sea creatures and backdrops

I recorded his lovely expressions when he endlessly keep narrating the lovely tales using the well conceived sea creatures, grinning and posing in between..

Moods and Moments on my Kiddo as he lets loose the horses of his Imagination

One of his story particularly amused me and brought the otherwise concealed adventurous side of my child in front of me. Icing on the cake was, he integrated the characters from the earlier magical castle Colgate packs (which he has kept safely with him for past 1 year) too in the story. My munchkin has imagined himself as the hero of the story (the Black Bearded gentleman) who goes treasure hunting . Here I bring to you his uninterrupted version of the story in his own words: 

"Once upon a time, a King and Queen lived in a magical castle near a vast sea with his prince and princess. The little prince was very sharp and always imagined to become a sailor when he grows up and discover new islands and treasures hidden there in.  

When he grew up, one day the King became seriously ill and there was not much money left with him to run the kingdom. He called up the prince, that is me, the black bearded man, and handed over a map to me. He told me that this map will lead me to an under water treasure but the sea is full of dangerous creatures. However , if I will stay kind to all of them, the Queen Mermaid who sits by the treasure will save me from all dangers.

Bidding bye to my dad, mom and sweet sister who kept looking at me thru' binoculars, I sat out on the sea. For 3 days, I sailed in the right direction when a huge storm hit my boat and broke it to pieces.

The huge waves swept me to a long distance and guess what, when I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see a beautiful glittering underwater castle in front of my eyes. It looked exactly like the one , I have seen in the map dad gave me.

Without much adieu, I looked around and found the huge box of treasure. My heart was so happy, I have found the treasure. But alas, a huge octopus sat on it! I remember what my dad taught me, I gently removed the octopus from it without hurting it the least and took the treasure. I also ensured none other sea creature got hurt in my act of removing the huge box.The Queen Mermaid was impressed by my kindness and arranged for me and the treasure getting dropped back.

My dad, mom and sister were so happy to see me come back safe with the treasure and we lived happily ever after with the people of our kingdom being happy too."

I loved his admirable innocent tale and in my heart expressed a strong gratitude to Team Colgate  for coming out with this truly adorable concept of #ColgateMagicalStories where the kids not only easily learn to imagine but also worthy human values like taking care of your family, get so deep imbibed in them in such a simple manner naturally.

I so much recommend these Sea Creatures Themed Colgate Strong Teeth Tooth Paste Packs to all mommies not only for the lovely stories churned by the creative creatures on the outside packs but also the unparalleled protection of Colgate to our teeth for generations.

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