Tuesday 19 July 2016

Review of 3 awesome e-books of the Blogchatter EBook Carnival

I know I am quite late but I owe this to  Blogchatter for a long long time and better late than never. This is my 200th post and so I decided to mark it as my tribute to Blogchatter, a really worthy community of Blogging Buddies, if I can put it that way. I am sure if you don't already know about them, you surely would be interested. 

While we bloggers know how to create magic with words, Blogchatter grooms us in how to spread that magic in the world. They invite experts on their weekly chats on Twitter where we bloggers can directly interact and not only get out queries resolved but view some not so trodden but significant roads for us to flourish. They also beautifully integrate the bloggers across different genres and motivate engagement and promotion of each other. Their awesome campaigns and the integrity with which the Blogchatter Team runs it deserve a huge round of applause and I really mean it as have reaped a lot of intangible benefits by being its part for over 4 months now. Today, I really value my association with it and thank it for giving me some really lovely blogger friends who are equally good human beings.

In the month of May, Blogchatter successfully ran a Mega E-book Carnival where a number of bloggers published their E-books. It was a pleasure reading these diverse books and I am sure I have read almost all of them even if that was a while ago and in this post I review 3 of my favorites in different categories so that you also get a flavor of how rich and diverse the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival has been. If time would have permitted , I would have in-fact felt really honored to review all of them here.

I picked this one first as I am a compulsive love story reader and like to devour every single piece I can lay my hands on. Trust me this one turned out to be a real stunner for it depicted beautifully the intricacies of practical and impractical problems that crop up when two women fall in love with each other. It shows the human imperfections as well as their hearts draped in lovely but contradictory emotions. It's a candid portrayal of a wonderful love story of Radha and Sangeeta by author Richa . An absolute Must Read, it surely stands out of the rest!

I loved this book as like author Ramya, my dad too got transferred a lot and my love for travel grew. This book made a great read and I loved to see India through her eyes. I could assimilate a lot of warmth, a lot of learning and a lot of knowledge in between the lines. Written with a lot of heart and soul this book not only takes you on a tour to important cities and their heritage, in India but also offers great pieces of travel advice at regular intervals. If you are a travel junkie like me, you surely will enjoy and relate to this one a lot. I loved the variety in which she served the chapters to her readers. Ramya surely has all the essential ingredients to make it to being a Top Travel Blogger one day, I wish her all the best!

Ahh, I was truly elated to read this book not only because of the earnest stories of the 26 women it speaks about but also due to the beautiful style of expression of author Chandni. I was smitten by how she weaved characters so beautifully that I automatically got driven into them, one after the other. I imagined myself in a few of them and many others I was forced to believe I knew for sure. That talks about how good a story teller, the author is. Some of the stories like 'Everlasting Love', touched my heart and I only wanted to keep reading. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

P.S. If this post has coaxed and persuaded you enough to pick up the marvelous reads, don't wait, head straight to the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival Icon placed on the side bar of this blog and download your favorite book :)

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