Sunday 5 June 2016

How to infuse the principles of #SharetheLoad in our tiny tots: Laying the Foundation Right

The best gift we can give our little Munchkins
Is to plant in their tender hearts, gender equality's saplings

Set an example of lovingly sharing the load
Erasing the age-old mental block of laundry being only a mom's job

As you sow, so will you reap..someone puts it so aptly. Similar are the underlying principles of Gender Equality. No matter what had been the scenario traditionally (of all the house chores being primarily a woman's job), what example we set before our little munchkins today will go a long way in establishing the gender roles in their tender minds.Though the statistics paint a gloomy picture but we know in our hearts,  it's true, that 2 out of every 3 children in India think that washing their clothes is their mother's job so what if she goes to office like dad and works shoulder to shoulder with him.It's a pity that 78% girls in India believe that them must learn to do laundry as it is vital to their happy life when they grow up and gets married, their dads too think alike.The outcome is heart-wrenching shared most poignantly in the above video,which definitely is an eye-opener for all of us. The onus of being the 'Face of Positive Change' lies upon us.

Heart-Breaking statistics courtesy Ariel And Blogadda

If today we choose to break the age-old inertia in our household, we not only reap priceless love and togetherness in our family today and break the stereotypes but also lay the right foundation of gender equality in the eyes of our little ones. This for me forms the underlying concept of how we can emboss the principles of #SharetheLoad in little minds at a tender age.

Let me site an example of my very home. My little sonny does not understand the gender distinction in doing house work all thanks to my hubby who has always ensured that all the house chores may it be cooking , washing or laundry all equitably shared between the both of us.This is what is the secret behind our happiness for it's not one of us who is overburdened.

As we both are working we take turns each day in cooking, cleaning and teaching our little boy, we keep laundries for our weekends and that's for a very special reason. It's a weekend fun game for all 3 of us which teaches us division and dignity of labour, respect for all as well aids is spend quality time together. While my 7 year old boy is allotted the task of segregation of dirty clothes, socks etc based on colour and other parameters we have taught to him, dad does the laundry on the washing machine with our ever trust-able and all time favourite Ariel Matic , I am assigned the job of picking them from drier and spreading. All of us sharing lots of laughter and fun moments while finishing.

It gives me immense joy and satiates my soul to see that my son quite naturally feels the urge of helping mom and dad and does not feel that it's his mom's work to do laundry or cook. So much so that I have often overheard him telling his friends that his most favorite times are when he helps his parents cook, to do laundry or set bed for his tired mom and dad. In-fact be motivates his classmates too to do the same.

Lately me and hubby dear are also motivated by the Brilliant Concept of laundry going Odd Even by Ariel and intend to rest the other partner on alternate days of her load of laundry. We are planning to also invent a new fun game for little sonny around this where he will be the odd even Calendar keeper :)

The real joys of life indeed lie in sharing your partner's work as sharing is caring.So folks,please get into the groove and lead by example your little ones, #SharetheLoad at home of every chore, to let them not figure out something that is called gender bias( How we all will love this).I promise you the moment you begin you will experience a great feeling of contentment and gratitude for your spouse, who has been thanklessly doing it for years. Deeply appreciate Ariel Team for bringing on this worthy initiative with Akshara and working wonders around generating, worth emulating awareness, for sharing the load by dads.It sure is One Best Step In The Right Direction.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge

 with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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