Wednesday 15 June 2016

When the negative energy around her breaks her down, what course must Radhika Take? (Food for Thought Series)

"I have often come across opportunists and pitied in my heart how their demeaning actions have minimized their stature. Still there are certain questions which remain unanswered… Why we are sometimes forced to unwillingly surround ourselves with unworthy people on behest of the worthy ones in our lives? Why do we even have to give these in genuine stingy people a place in our thoughts, in our lives? After all their negativity is doing more than bruising your heart. These opportunists are actually smart people who act in the realms of only pricking a few while portraying themselves as white cows in from of the rest. While God confer them the riches, finding them already overloaded, he forgot to give them a heart.

I am Radhika, happily married for over a decade to the man I loved then and will love forever until eternity. His love is my biggest strength and I can't thank Almighty enough for conferring him to me. I owe him my everything for having supported me and my family in times of crisis unconditionally and thus if not for anything else for him, I have to be really warm to his family. Even if it means bearing their obnoxious looks and heart-piercing comments all the time in my husband's absence holding me responsible for trapping their son, enticing him to elope and marrying him. 

Their entire aim is to show me down and keep pricking my heart. It's not that I can't raise my voice and inform my precious half or that he would not believe me but I simply don'y want to disrupt the innocent stream of serine love that oozes out of his heart for his family.

Unfortunately God has given me the power to identify these hurtful heartless creatures and see naked their bare souls and nasty ambitions but has not given me the courage to show their dirty faces to the ones I love and break their heart

So what must one do, when the negative energy around you breaks you down especially when you can't avoid these individuals?

It is often recommended to stay quiet and ignore. But I beg to disagree for this not multiplies their confidence but also wounds your soul for not raising your voice against what is not right. Does that mean we defy them outright, well that's even worse for we can't forget they are opportunists and they will build upon your aggression and use it against you. Yes, this is their most generic modus operandi and an extrovert like me has learnt it the hard way after falling prey to their dirty intentions at several occasions.

Well the best solution is to beat them smart when you have no choice but to surround yourself with them. The quick fix solutions are: 

- When u think that the negative energy is acting upon you, try to smile as much as possible (sounds easier than actual but force it on yourself, formy sake once).

-When the opportunist tries to manipulate you and provoke you, smile back with a soft reply. I bet the remorse of not being able to unleash their dirty politics will stifle them.

- Be ready with smart replies and leave the place immediately avoiding situations to confront them

-Please shun the idea of being in the good books of everyone. If you fear that the opportunists will malice your image in the eyes of your loved ones, trust yourself and let the time speak for you. These baseless fears are just a result of the temporary negativity generated by these people and will automatically vanish once you leave the vicinity of these people.

- Plan a future which has a minimum
contact with these people, and if there is no escape, practice the above more and get into the habit of naturally putting down the people who challenge your mental peace.

Though it's easier said than done, these are my practical learning along the journey of life and some food for your thought. Do you have better ideas to combat the negative energies around you? This is what I practice at the moment, to prevent the negativity around me , from stealing our smiles. "

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