Monday 9 May 2016

The Tickling Tale of a Yummy Mummy

Today is Mother's Day, my seventh one actually but it seems it was only yesterday that the news of maternity arrived. I was doing really good in my career and we weren't planning a baby immediately. On my routine visit to the gynecologist  for lower abdomen pain, the tests revealed the best news of my life to me that I was expecting my first baby. Earnestly speaking when I heard it, something felt really really sweet inside, a kind of a tickle in my heart. In a couple of moments, my world, my aspirations, my priorities have changed.The overtly ambitious automobile engineer took a backseat in me and it was only selfless motherly love which started oozing out in abundance.I felt my eyes were wet. I looked at my husband who was smiling in surprise too.

Life was never the same for me after that. Though I went to work till the day before the delivery, I always took care of myself and my little one to the best of my abilities and was often caught smiling to myself while feeling the newly arrived maternal bliss feel.

It's so true that a mother is born, nine months before the birth of her baby, I experienced this every minute. Whenever I was sad, I tried to be happy that my baby isn't sad, when I felt a little Hungary , I immediately fed the little being inside me and when I could not feel his movements , I caressed the tummy of the yummy mummy in me, so that my touch can make him reciprocate and yes he did, he always did.  

I didn't believe when people said this but I really felt very beautiful from within during the months I was carrying. My skin gleamed in my inner happiness and was always reflected on my face. My precious half, my hubby darling took good care of me and we both often spoke to our little one in the night, when back from work.I had a craving for ice cream every night at 2, and so all 3 of us had the ice-cream party every night, even before his birth.

Because of a low lying placenta and excessive amniotic fluid, I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy but thanks to an early recommendation of Marico Bio Oil by a dear friend , I could get rid of the stretch marks to a great level.

Regarding the dressing initially the weight made me feel a little depressed, as I didn't get into my lovely outfits but with hubby dear's love and repeated shopping sprees planned for me, I gradually shunned all inhibitions and enjoyed to flaunt my maternal curves.

Yes, I enjoyed my life during pregnancy and pampered myself a lot and so did my colleagues at work who kept offering fruits at regular intervals and some even brought my favorite dish in their lunch box, cooked by their wife for me. I too had decided to take it easy so that I unnecessarily don't pass on the anxiety to my little angel in my womb and that's exactly what I recommend to each of you.We have all rights to be a #YummyMummy lovelies. There's nothing as precious at this period for a woman which crowns her with undoubtedly the most coveted title of the world of being a MOM, so do take care of yourself, smile , be happy, exercise, eat right and sleep tight️. Also, this way you lay the foundation right for a healthy baby and healthy you for today, tomorrow and forever

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