Monday 16 May 2016

My Travel Diaries : A Holiday in Goa worth a Billion Smiles

Life is a beautiful journey and it becomes all the more beautiful when you take some worthwhile vacations at regular intervals to spend those quality moments with your family and rejuvenate yourself and bounce back in routine life with added vigor.

I am just back this morn from one such wonderful vacation at our forever favorite destination Goa. Though it was triggered by my kiddo's Annual Summer Vacations, me and hubby dear were on a look out for perfect moments together too and thus we thought of catching up an extended weekend trip to the land of some best beaches in India, Goa. While our little one enjoys in the mesmerizing waves there always, we both indulge in long chats and relaxing fun soaking ourselves in water and sun while watching him build his castles in between the water sprees.

We are meticulous planners so once we were done with zeroing down of the destination and applying for leaves from our office we embarked on to check the flight schedule and availability at certain chosen resorts to make it an Ideal Yatra. Luckily both the bookings got confirmed hassle free and we cracked some wonderful deals due to being regular guests.  

I packed for all three of us stuffing in loads of beach wear, swim suits and sunscreens and a few mommy essentials for my sonny like band-aids, still ensuring that we are travelling light. Not to mention the beach sets, toy-ships and the balls, packed by my sunshine himself.

We boarded our flight from Lohegaon Airport, Pune to Goa late morn. Our flight was on time and we enjoyed the wonderful views of the lovely blue seas while landing in Goa.We traveled by a Taxi from Airport to our Resort on Candolim Beach. Luck further favored us when for all the days we were there, it was extremely cloudy and drizzled occasionally to make the trip all the more enjoyable. We stayed on a beach view resort and were rejoiced at the continuous advent of waves.After a laid back breakfast we shuttled between the beach until late noon and thereafter had pool fun in our resort to relax and unnerve after the excitement of water sports and soaking on the beach. 

Billiards and Table Tennis games were on our undisputed schedule too in the evenings while the reading worm in me kept sneaking in and out of the library of the resort early morns. I also wrote a couple of pieces at leisure by the sea side as I believe the recipe of a perfect holiday lies in indulging in all that makes my heart sing a song and that's all I did.

We mainly enjoyed at Calanguta, Bagha, Anjuna and Condolim beaches along with going on a worthy cruise in Panjim booked in advance to prevent queuing up.For local commuting we have hired an open jeep, typical of Goa, this time. We even planned our lunches and dinners and ate at some of the finest Goan Eateries along with engaging in loads of dance with the live band in the fun-filled regional Carnivals. In fact, I must say, that planning and researching in advance for the entire trip(including airlines booking) and creating a clear itinerary aided us multiply our fun by raiding unknown territories. 

Time just flew and the wonderful holiday came to a fruitful end as could be witnessed from the billion smiles on our faces and immense joy in our hearts. Minus our tanned skins, this trip was an absolute Bliss :)

                                                            -Truly Yours Roma

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