Wednesday 25 May 2016

Stay Summer Fresh with Maybelline NewYork Essential Kit

My Summer Look Courtesy Maybelline India
Like every girl, the advent of summer makes me weary of my looks. I fear that the sweat and the pollution dirt embedded in it would steal my skin off its luster and radiance. Though I love to flaunt my spotless skin in nude makeup hues, I am worst hit in summers when the above just never sufficed but thankfully this is not the scenario today for I have at my rescue Maybelline Newyork's Summer Essential Kit.

 It is precisely all that I need to keep the dull gloomy look away and comes in a beautiful golden clutch which stole my heart at first glance. The contents of the pouch are their all new Maybelline Newyork White Superfresh Compact with Pure Perlite, Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in my favourite Berry Crush Flavour. 

With their latest launch the White Super Fresh compact Maybelline has ventured to foray the medium priced segment and thus vehemently multiply their foray and reach in the Indian masses. I was on a lookout for a perfect compact for everyday application and this is where my search ended. This perlite enriched compact gave me lightened complexion for hours, while absorbing sweat and oil and its UV filters protected me from sun darkening and damage. I have been using it for over a month now and have absolutely loved it and I swear by the fact that a Maybelline Product has never let me down. I typically reapply it after every 5-6 hrs and I still appreciate its longevity . It comes across 3 shades and you can grab the one which suits your skin tone. The compact comes in a pretty white case with a puff all packaged in a white and blue box beautifully. At INR 150/- this perfecting compact from Maybelline is undoubtedly a steal deal.

Having perfected my skin, when it's time to do up my eyes, their is nothing better than the Maybelline's smudge free Colossal Kajal. I just use it over the lower length of my eyes and it's just perfect for my preferred minimalist makeup look for the board room presentations and meetings and it stays their for long without spreading. I have been using this product for around 2 years now and it forms the most essential part of vanity. It comes in the form of a fine pencil with utmost ease of application. Priced at INR 200/- this is truly a value for money product.

 And now comes the third most vital element of the Summer Essential Kit. Maybelline 's Baby Lips series have by far been their biggest success story. And since I am a self confessed lip balms addict, my look of the day only completes when I drape my lips in the fruity flavored Maybelline Baby Lips, Berry Crush Lip Balm it kind of completed my persona.

It makes my lips supple and I find it's soothing fragrance make my heart go ooh-la-la. I also like the pinkish tint it imparts to my lips making me beam with fresh energy at all times. Priced at INR 195/- this product's quality and quantity are worthy of this price.

Summing up this Summer Must Have Essential kit costs me a total of INR 545/- which sounds like a perfect budget for an Indian lady's monthly makeup expenses in fact far less than that. That too for some of the products which appear in the preferences of global fashionistas.

Vis-a-Vis Product Quality, Longevity, Pricing and Packaging , I rate the products of this pretty kit a clear 4.9/5 to #StaySummerFresh.

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