Wednesday 25 May 2016

I am a Self-Confessed Mehndi Addict

There are so many lovely perks I enjoy courtesy being an Indian girl. The lovely traditional stuff like the wedding lehenga and bangles make my heart go ooh-la-la. And I must admit I am a die-hard Mehendi Addict . For any occasion big or small I love to clad my palms with lovely Mehndi designs which for me are a perfect example of fine arts.

Right from the fact that Mehndi is considered extremely auspicious by we Indians, to its mesmerizing enchanting fragrance, I really am elated on every aspect of this Indian legacy. The weddings in our families, the karvachauths or other important ceremonies, all are incomplete without the application of lovely hand Mehendi designs. Not to forget that an Indian Bride is not considered  fully adorned without fine Mehendi clad arms and feet. Such is the importance of Mehendi in our lives and how we adore the new designs of the same.

Earlier Mehendi designs used to be in the minds of certain skillful applicators who mastered the art of application and thus had a non written patent on the designs. But with the advent of technology, we now access to marvelous Arabic Mehendi Designs and other international favorites too along with the huge well of our traditional wealth. We can choose the one which enthralls our heart, just at a single click. 

Awesome websites for the same bring you myriad options to choose from. We the girls are modern ethnico today and the master of our own choice. No more waiting till the end for if the fantasy of the applicator for your palms had materialized to impress us, rather we show them what precisely is our choice of the Mehendi Design. And thus multiplies my admiration to this century old Indian legacy , now available with a twist and utmost swift.

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