Tuesday 24 May 2016

A Memorable Rendezvous with Sea Waves

Gazing at the waves of the infinite sea
I sat for long letting them kiss and play
with my feet

 They did that endlessly caressing my toes
And I fell in love with them all the more

There is so much to me they taught
How they carved their identity progressing
towards the shore

Rising in astounding grace, they advent to
their goals
Mesmerising their onlookers and soothing
their souls

And as they retrieved back towards their niche
They promise me to bounce back again in full
vigor to kiss my feet

Imprints of a worthy lesson on my heart they leave
To rise against all odds and fulfil my dreams

Destiny and luck may force you to abandon, the road not so taken
Try, try and try until you win, its miles to go before you sleep darling

Each time bounce back like Thy waves with all the more integrity laden passion
And thus I learn to sail towards my aim as the lovely waves kiss my feet all over again

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