Tuesday 8 March 2016

Let's Pledge to #ShareTheLoad and Sow the Seeds of a Perfect Tomorrow!

Though the times today have witnessed a paradigm shift from what it used to be a couple of decades ago in terms of gender equality and I am so damn glad to be breathing in an air that let's women work shoulder to shoulder with men in most walks of professional life..but unfortunately the picture isn't that welcome in India, in the domestic scenario...where the men and the kids still shy away to #SharetheLoad in most households and all chores are still mommy's business no matter even if she too had had an equally tiresome day at work!

Blame it on the crippled traditional mindsets or the general inertia in resisting the change, the latest statistics put forth this hard fact that the responsibility of domestic chores is one are where gender equality must sneak in...and the earlier the better!

Data Courtesy : Ariel and Blogadda

The picture looks grim but there is however a ray of hope..On the optimistic front, are a handful of households in our country which are leading by example in sharing the load of housework equitably and can definitely be a torchbearer of a positive change for million others! In this blogpost, I share the regime of one such balanced family and that's mine!!

No, No, boasting and bragging are not on my mind :D ..The idea is to spread the positive vibe to #SharetheLoad among as many lives as possible even if that's to a limited extent only initially...When dad and kids and mom will share and cooperate in finishing the chores, we will automatically lay the right foundation for gender equality in times to come...as more often than not children imitate what their elders do at home!

For me Marriage came as the biggest eye opener. Having witnessed for years mom taking care of 120% of all the chores at home, I initially was startled when I moved in an apartment with my hubby post marriage...He effortlessly cooperated in every single house work and even initiated and finished a few, like cleaning and doing laundry..At first, I was intimidated as I wondered if his help was out of sympathy for he felt I didn't know how to do them....

Not able to hold myself for long, I had poured my heart out to him sheepishly in a soft voice stating that I knew it all and he might not pity me only to be corrected by his reply in next couple of minutes, a reply that stole my heart forever!

'S' replied : As we begin our new journey, It shall sail most smoothly when both it's front and rear wheels will sail together and #ShareTheLoad! We are both equals, and let's commence our married life on principles of love, mutual respect and equality!

My heart swell with pride hearing each word of his and this pride only multiplies today after 10 years of our wedding where he has not only practiced what he has preached but also trained our little sonny in similar fashion. My little boy likes doing laundry or dishes with dad, watering the plants,cleaning his room with occasionally cooking with mom and dad on weekends and that's a part of his routine now...

Ours is thus a nuclear household, with the three of us take turns and share all the work at home to the best of our capabilities!! Life thus becomes a worthwhile  journey full of smiles, love and care while we #sharetheload and I am relieved of the extreme pressure many of my friends are buried under...

I thus urge to all who touch upon this post, to sow the right seeds of gender equality now in your households, as buddies, As you Sow, so will you Reap :) Moreover, a candid little effort of yours to share the load (you may start with setting up laundry in Washing Machine with Ariel as an easy yet perfect start)with your precious half, will undoubtedly touch her heart and make your child tomorrow a great hubby and a wonderful dad!

Author's Note : “I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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