Sunday 6 March 2016

10 point Sada Sexy Love Enhancement Kasams

Hey love, below I have chalked out a Sshh Secret Mantra...
For you to remain #SadaSexy in my eyes Rockstar❤️❤️

How about making me some promises this women's day...

And steal my Heart all over again ❤️❤️

This is just a small price for keeping our fire alive....

Trust you'll merrily revise these 10 Point love enhancement Kasams for your dear wife ❤️❤️

So without much adieu....

I present below the coveted list to you❤️❤️

#Kasamno1: So love, first and foremost I want you to spare some precious time and memorise our together times since childhood, including the ceaseless laughter and meaningless chatter and promise me that you will take out time of your always busy schedules and give me back my childhood bestie and boyfriend naughty( at least in some ways, phewπŸ˜‰)

#Kasamno2: Though I may sound a weirdo to you but promise me that you will have me in all your DPs on all social media handles and whatsapp too to let all your singletons colleagues that we are happily married and they need not try on you ( P.S. Forced to do this as apne saaman ki suraksha khud Karen )

#Kasamno3 : The third kasam I crave from you is for all the days you are not travelling, we'll have dinner together and in the same plate( I promise I won't starve you :D) .... Sweet little gestures to enhance love darling that strengthen the couple's bonding.

#Kasamno4 : Be Mine after Nine❤️!  I have never confessed this to you but my heart freaks out waiting for you to end up those long discussions on your cell please khao kasam that you'll finish them all up before nine and post that you are only mine 😘😘

#Kasamno5 : Now this one may sound nasty but I desire this promise from you to keep you #SadaSexy...Promise me that you'll hit the gym or Zumba class with me which we can schedule on weekends or whenever you are free❤️❤️ it will be so much fun to dance our hearts together or help each other tone our body muscles 😊

#Kasamno6 : No matter which part of the world you are in, as you open your eyes each day and close it each night you'll talk to me or ping me without fail...even if it's for a couple of minutes, a straight from the heart candid chat is vital for a sparky jazzy relationship ❤️❤️

#Kasamno7 : A Pleasant Surprise Date gives the most Wonderful Kick! In saatvi kasam, promise me to surprise me more often by tour sweet gestures and kind words, which are enough to rock my World❤️❤️

#Kasamno8 : Promise me you'll not stop me from clicking our selfies umpteen and smile and pose with me in each one of them! After all I am trying to weave sweet memories each moment of life, to forever remain in our hearts and albums , like a song as the years come along ❤️

#Kasamno9 : In 9th kasam, just fulfil my only dream, I have buried deep in my heart since decades it seems, do take me in your arms, across the globe on a World Tour , my love❤️❤️

#Kasamno10: Last but not the least , promise me my precious half, to be by my side in life's every moment, sweet or sour....Until the day I forever close my eyes, I keep witnessing the naughty lovelorn tinkle in your eyes and your smile as wide as river Nile❤️❤️... The two basic things that make you stay #SadaSexy , my Prince Charming!

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