Sunday 27 September 2015

My Hilarious Journey from "TV BIWI" to "HIFI WIFEY" en-route the Amazing #TataSkyTransfer

I was almost oblivious of the transitions...of when my fascination for entertainment rose from fascination to addiction! The movie buff I always was, spotting me at theaters with a popcorn tub and cola was a common sight for friends and acquaintances, until I became a mom...Naturally the number of trips to theater diminished drastically but not my incomparable love for movies for I breath in the character of these movies and they gave wings to my imagination...I laugh,I giggle, I cry and vent my emotions through these when a movie theater became inaccessible,from here was born my inexpressible love for TV, the only savior of my moron addiction :D

Soon, my matinee love adjusted to the new way of satiating it's desires and I was glued to my TV, whenever possible(in spare time from office and my little sonny), so much so, that Hubby Darling never missed a single opportunity of hitting on me with a jovial "My TV Biwi" and I sheepishly accepted the crazy title :)

But as time elapsed, and my little peanut's penchant for Cartoons multiplied, I found my passion for movies endangered again, with the control of the medium, I can fulfill it slowly drifting from my hands.....the movie buff in me felt so threatened with each passing day and year...

Loosing the battle, looking up at the Almighty,

My heart cried,
Craving for the solution,to satiate my addiction, perennially...
"When can I watch all my favorite movies
At any hour, at any time...
Oh God, Please confer on Me!
A Savior of my Passion....
A boon that aids me Pocket Entertainment"
And Yeah God Smiled,
and softly whispered in my ears to check out...
The Latest Technological Marvel ,
"TataSky Transfer"!!

And since samajhdaar ko ishara kaafi hai, I pounced on to study the mega features of what seemed a true blessing...and Voila, how much I loved it... The very idea... of watching my favourite movies and other entertainment shows on my mobile that too at the time I desire, tantalized me! I mean, this was astoundingly impressive man! This was indeed like a dream come's commercial embedded below further bowled me over :)

Getting it thus became my top priority...All I needed for the same along with a Tatasky Transfer SetTopBox is a Wifi and my mobile to which I can transfer the favourite recorded movie  in three easy steps....unbelievable isn't it!

For me Folks this was extremely liberating and quenched the moviegoer in me vigorously... For me having my favourite entertainment in my pocket now and this also meant a clear transformation from me being a TV Biwi for hubby darling to his WiFi Wifey who won't now keep seeking excuses to join him on a party :P

If you too are a crazy entertainment buff like me who juggles between multiple roles and barely make it on time for your favourite shows, check out the TataSky Transfer guys and pocket your favourite entertainment !

Watch it any where and at any time and set your mood right!

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