Friday 4 September 2015

The Ignominy of Hoping Against Hopes: Destiny's Chosen Child

Indian Bloggers (On Teachers Day, My Tribute to Life-Undisputedly my most favorite teacher)

You would have often wondered,
Why I often refer to myself as "Destiny's" Chosen Child....
That's my optimistic way of gratifying "it" and mocking over it,
As in fact I am Destiny's Abandoned Child!

Not once or twice,
But every moment of my life,
It has tested and tormented me beyond compare...
Probably punishing me as I still dare to hope against hopes, without fear!

I will not say, God never confers a blessing on me,
He decides to reward, though sometimes, his beloved child,
But as he is about to do so,
He decides otherwise!

I am a mortal soul,
Unable to fathom the deep secret why he does so,
Though, time and again,
He wounds my soul!

Still with undaunted faith,
I once again summon up all the courage,
To set everything right....
Smiling and convincing myself that I am Destiny's Chosen Child!

But just as I again begin to smile,
Destiny beckons and asks me for it's price
My heart cries and pricks my conscience,
Why at all I am Destiny's chosen child??

But you know what guys,
With every passing day...
With undaunted faith, I still fight and pray...
As I now live to believe, I am God's special child!

For God knows, I have the strength to bear it all...
So he has made life my teacher which teaches me everything, by facing it's conspicuous brunts sharp...
So on Teachers day, I bow my head in reverence to this very life,

For teaching me to stay headstrong, in the worst times of life!
And wait for my Lord and Destiny to end testing their chosen child !

Till than I will embrace the Silence, which gives me solace..

And let these moments of Ignominy Pass!

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