Monday 31 August 2015

One of the Most Priceless Gifts of Life to Me - My Little Brother

Me and my Bro Harsh

Ironically, someone I have bullied all my life is also the one whom I have cuddled the Most :) ...Someone whom I have despised the most for staying with our parents when I was sent over to Nanu's Place for studies, is also the one whom I missed the most when away :) ....Someone who is the quietest part of my world is also my most trustable  and reliable buddy and my pillar of unshakable strength in times of need :) ...Yes he's my little brother Harsh(Rikki)...whom I always nudged and nagged but the fact is, deep in my heart, I am eternally grateful to God for bestowing him to me...he is indeed the most precious Gift Life has given me <3

As I think of him today on Rakshabandhan, sweet memories come flooding in...Our childhood days were indeed the best one could ever have..Earnestly, our age difference may not be much, but I have bossed upon him forever :P...right from always choosing the more chubbier puppy of our pets as mine, John and Maggi to making him eat the not so boiled and pathetically cooked Potato curry I made when our mom-dad were away (see Rikki, I admit it today)....A thorough gentleman he always was and is, my cutie pie always took all my justified and un-justified demands in his stride...

It's not that we never had fights..we fought like cats and dogs especially on report card days when I always outshone him no matter how good he was taken to task my mom-dad!He probably hated me than but the very next moment he was my protective little brother...

Can't stop myself from narrating a beautiful incident here..I was in class 8 than and he in class 4..Dad was posted in a small town of UP and me n Rikki rode our bicycles to school..I remember I had a ladybird and he had a Street Cat Bicycle...Suddenly an irritating young chap started passing obnoxious remarks and entangle his cycle in mine..My Little Rikki, without even minding that he may fall down from cycle as his feet didn't tough the ground, came charging in and started shooing him away inquiring what he wants and said that the girl was not alone , her brother is there with her....I could not help smiling at my little angel's grit and care for me :)

When I left for my hostel in Pilani, we wrote long letters to each other and looked forward to spending summer vacations with each other!

We spent the best times of our lives together when I got my first job in Tata Motors and he lived with me while doing his engineering...From Partying over with Chocolate Mousses to Shopping aimlessly till drop down tired to watching Cartoons for hours, we weaved beautiful memories,each moment!

Than I got married and we now live in different cities far off but not one day can we stay without talking to each other...Life has taken it's course but we still know deep in our hearts that if noone else, we are forever going to be there for each other, in every thick and thin....

I really miss him a lot and more so on Rakshabandhan...I still remember him collecting money all the year to buy a talking soft toy for me as a Rakshabandhan gift....Each Rakshabandhan we had spent together has been so precious, so priceless for us and is forever etched on our hearts....I wish so much those times come back again!

Most happy and Sad in Di's Wedding-My Rikki

However there is something that still appeases our hearts alike... it's the fact that come what may, nothing can diminish our love to shop together no matter how distant we are from each other...and so this Rakshabandhan we got on our favorite online shopping portal Jabong 
simultaneously and shopped gifts for each other to our hearts felt as  if we were together still fighting over, arguing and than lovingly agreeing.... it would be sheer pleasure to dress up in these adorable apparels and accessories gifted to each other and click loads and loads of more #selfiewithsibling , as we meet up the next time...Looking Forward to it <3

                                                                -Truly Yours Roma

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