Thursday 6 August 2015

Web Surfers Paradise: Airtel 4G Arrives

Hola My Gorgeous, Genius and Indigenous Readers!

The Cyber Freak that I am, web speed is of utmost significance to me and I guess to most of us in today's smart phones and tab rich "Gadgety" Scenario...and the desire and quest to get the best and the fastest network and keep challenging the best has become the way of life! Good, isn't it?

Yes, I love speed and was swept of my feet to watch this astoundingly convincing video (embedded below) of the latest buzz in the town, Airtel not only proves the undeniably rapid speed of Airtel 4G Network but also throws an open challenge to the masses that if we discover a network faster than them, they will pay our bills for a lifetime! Impressive, Sure to Stay! Watch it, to believe it Folks.............

This technological advancement supersedes all expectations and shall coax one and all to adapt it at the earliest....For I see it's benefits are umpteen..Faster response to mails, quick rapid glance of Social media, no window opening times to blow off your moods ands even watching a movie are the ones which strike me immediately! Woohoo <3

Tantadan , suddenly there comes a voice from the prudent brain, what price you pay for the same...makes sense, everything great comes at hefty prices....sorry..but this is where we go wrong...with Airtel, 4G speed is being offered to its customers of 3G Pack at no extra price! Isn't that further alluring??

Personally, I can't wait for it let me check out what are my requirements to experience the Best in Class Airtel 4G Network...

All in all,one,  I need a 4G compatible handset which luckily I possess(you have umpteen options for the same, suiting your pockets)....two, I need a 4G Sim which I can request Free on my Airtel and get it delivered Free of Cost at my Doorstep and third get MyPlan suiting my requirements and usage...Woila, that's it! We are done and ready to venture the world of uninterrupted suppa-rapid network <3 

I am all ready to enter My Airtel's 4G Network Paradise.....Are you ??? Check it Out <3  

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