Tuesday 4 August 2015

I will turn the Tide of Time and Ride the Oceans High

I will turn the tide of time,

and yes, why wait;
today, I decide, I will ensure, everything is gonna be fine...

I shun, all Anxieties, all Dilemmas n Doubts,

and Bury all pains deep within  my heart, 
And use their fire to rectify the inevitable and plan the future!

Without a single word uttered,
with all my courage mustered,
No matter how high it rises, I will turn the tide of time!

Testing Times are not gonna Stay Forever,

With confidence and my never say die spirit, I will soon turn it, in my favor,
Yes I will truly turn the tide of time!

For every problem there is a solution,

what varies is the time of resolution...
I intend to walk the right track, and avoid all confusions!

I wish the moon and the stars conspire too with me....
And refute the authority of Destiny,
To come out triumphant  and ride the Tides of Time High!

I will keep the fire of passion in myself  burning...

With love and patience, I will keep waiting,
Yes, I will surely turn the tide of time and Ride the Oceans waves without failing!


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