Monday 3 August 2015

The Clouds of Doubt.....and my Solitary Tear

I am perplexed, I am broken,
I am engulfed from all around.....
By the Clouds of Doubt so profound!

Life is going through so much turmoil,
My strengths have turned out to be my weaknesses, 
In whose vicious circle, I find myself, getting badly entrapped!

Why am I Destiny's Chosen Child?
Meant to be tested by God,again n again n not once in a while,
Now I am tired, and am growing very susceptible and fragile!

My attitude towards life, still holds the thread of the tiniest ray of hope...
And everyday musters all courage to fight it out,
But nothing just seems to turn my way and the dark clouds of doubt grow denser and denser,with each passing day!

The clouds of doubt have covered me so thick..
almost dressed my heart and soul in despair,
as I sit gathering the solitary Tear, Each Hour!

The Heart-breaking onslaught of unmanageable situations and emotions...
Is swiping me off my feet, and is dragging me in fear and trauma,
Waning my confidence and challenging tenacity to always embrace the Worst!

So Much today I wish and pray, this too passes away..
And the Dark Clouds of Doubt, bring in the rain that takes away all my pain,
and Transforms by Solitary Tear into some Hearty Smiles of contentment and pride!

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