Sunday 2 August 2015

eKavach:An ultimate Savior App to safegaurd our Lil Peanuts Cyber Interests

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This is the umpteenth number of time, my conscience has pricked me to the fact that our lives have become so "Gadgety" , with me and hubby both mostly replying to office mails on our phones or tabs ( I am glad atleast the laptops are not being pulled out now) or just scrolling down our social media handles, even when our little munchkin is sitting huddled and cuddled to us spreading those priceless grins..And this may be the scenario in many of our homes....What example do we set and what exercise can we actually exercise on our kids internet activity when we ourselves could not control ours??

The other side of the coin is what are my kids doing on internet when we are away at work? Their innocent mind cannot filter the good and the bad of the cyber space and since they have seen their parents scrolling up and down their phones and tabs, they would in all probability imitate it on the first go....

It is very easy to criticize Technology and I have often seen parents cribbing for their child's overall growth being hampered with the advent of impressive technologies each day...but I vehemently disagree....It's because it's absolutely on us what example we set before our little peanuts....

Infact, I believe, technology is the best aid for the parents in today's tricky world where the challenges before our kids are many and varied...all said and done, we can't keep our kids away from the cyber world, as it has become an essential part of their overall growth today!

With this thought-process, some months back I sat self-introspecting and decided to bring in desired changes in my lifestyle to become a worthy #eSuperMom to my kiddos....While I gave them access to the whole new world of internet, to explore and any concerned momma, who is away at work whole day,along with it I had set in some basic rules and ensured the same are fulfilled under most circumstances....I decided to lead by example, while I exercised a check on my internet activity timings at home, by shifting it to a time at which my children went to sleep and to regulate and validate what my kids are doing in their cyber space when I am away, I installed the coveted "eKavach" App on my devices all inspired by their wonderful video below and on advice of my mommy buddies who has experienced this phenomenol App...

What is eKavach??

eKAVACH is undoubtedly India's most advanced "Digital Parenting App" for our kids to ensure online safety for our little munchkins as today's digital world is full of online threats such as internet & gaming addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, pornography etc.

By simply installing it on your device and your kiddos, you can stay updated about all their internet moves and guide them when required..

This is thus a strong and potent etool which empowers working moms like me to become eKavach Supermoms

Features of eKavach:

1.Safe and controlled browsing access to our kids:

ekavach app review mylittlemoppet
This awesome App enabled us to control our kids exposure to unsolicited & inappropriate content such as sex, violence etc by setting age-appropriate web category filtering automatically.... we can also define appropriate content based on parenting style for safe browsing experience based on web categories and URLs....thus securing our kids cyber interests!!
2. Enables us to control our kids cyber viewing time:
ekavach app review  mylittlemoppet
Internet addiction indeed has numerous negative impacts and thus it becomes absolutely imperative for we parents that we control the maximum screening time for our kids in a day which is what eKavach precisely enables us to do :)

3. Facility to Block or Limit Mobile Apps Usage
ekavach app review Mylittlemoppet
My eKavach enables me to block excessive social media usage, gaming or for that matter usage of inappropriate apps on my kiddos device and helps me ensure healthy time-limits for the same....
4. Real Time Alerts and SMS Notifications to us, parents
ekavach app review mylittlemoppet
This feature of eKavach is truly a blessing in disguise...Incase our child out of curiosity or a friend's provoke tries to open a site set as blocked by us, we instantaneously receive an alert for the same...not only that if we have limited web access, we receive an sms for the same...The idea is to lovingly communicate to our kid that why this site could have harmed his interests while having the evening chitchat..This will strengthen our bonding with our little buddies for whom this world is a big puzzle, they intend to solve as they grow up....
5Dashboard of our children’s online activities right on our mobile
ekavach app review mylittlemoppet
Moreover, I don’t have to be physically present or always be in front of the computer to monitor my children and can access the app at the spur of the moment at any hour of the day and and from anywhere.
7. Helps us trace the Geo-location of our children
ekavach app review mylittlemoppet
 When our children are out with friends and we want to trace their location out of concern for their safety....we can do the same by monitoring our child device reach through device heartbeat monitoring and the Geo coordinates helps to keep an eye on the physical location of our child...Isn't that heart-pleasing to the core of a mommy :)
8. Helps us preserve Quality Family Time
ekavach app review mylittlemoppet Here,I see twin purpose of my family suraksha-kavach, eKavach...One since I can control their internet screening times, while I give my little flowers independence to bloom, to choose their leisure cyber time during the day, to suit their innovative sensibilities and queries, once we are back from work, no more internet for all of us and it is together quality family times, with added doses of laughter and sharing <3
9. Emergency SOS  Notification from our Children to us
Children can send a SOS message to us from the child device in case of an emergency. We will receive message with geo-coordinates to ensure timely assistance is provided to our kids in an urgent hour of need and definitely it can't get better than this!
10. Helps us stay connected with our children 24X7
For a touring parent like me, child application also allows my kiddos to send regular messages to me and keep in touch with them forever.
eKAVACH thus buddies, helps to empower parents to monitor kids without their physical presence, to an unimaginable extent. Yes, eKAVACH helps to  strengthen mutual trust between parent and children by effective communication and insight into their children’s online world without being near to their devices.
How to install?
eKavach App can be downloaded by clicking Here or from Google Play Store on your device.
You can get in touch with the ever helpful and prompt eKavach Team through their Facebook Page or Website as well.

The Magnificent Boxer Mary Kom and an affectionate mother has joined the prestigious BandWagon of eKavach too thus further strengthening and endorsing my belief in this wonderful App <3

This was my experience of using eKavach to become a wise and prudent #eSuperMom, beyond all doubt!Trust you find it worthy for safe-gaurding the delicate wings of your little angels too through this protection kavach - eKavach!!

Happy Parenting :)

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