Thursday 20 August 2015

Airtel 4G : Our Magical Wand to Stay Connected Forever

No doubt, internet has changed the way we live...and has become a necessity today...Right from paying all my bills online to my online blogging world to having a video chat with my forever touring hubby, I rely on internet heavily....While I can't be more thankful to be a part of this cyber era...for ages, I have fought pathetic network speed woes while connecting to the internet often missing a lot of critical timelines...

So you can very well relate, the news that Airtel 4G has arrived was such a stress-buster and motivation to a cyber buff like me...Airtel is like always the first to roll-out the 4G Services in India and that too across 296 cities,touching every nook and corner of our country... Mind-blowing, isn't it !!

I was mesmerized to watch it's lightening speed Commercial (Embedded below) and was almost swept off my feet to witness what a admirable technological advancement this is!! Almost instantaneously I made up my mind to acquire my Airtel 4G Sim as my mobile is compatible with it...I was further elated to know that 4G Services are being offered to us at 3G Prices and Guys this treat of awesomeness does not end here...You won't believe, all it took me to get a FOC 4G Sim was a Tweet with #GetAirtel4G to @airtelindia !! They have made it such a cakewalk! 

The very thought of owning the fantastic surfing speed made my heart go gaga for the same I could not stop my heart from fantasizing all that it would not do uninterrupted on the web!

I can now utilize my travel time for quicker mail response, to listen to my favorite songs or watch a movie or take a sneak peak to social media to refresh at work...No more long waiting times to upload pics and videos to my blog posts and blowing off my mood and thus igniting my creativity to it's best uninterrupted! 

I will also use these unbelievable speeds to start Video blogging on the move now more professionally as is the need of time, download worthy educational video-es for my little munchkin and finish off all my bills payment and banking related work too, through my phone,online...While I can do all this and much more on the go at a adorable speed during my long commuting times during the day, I can have Quality time to spend with my little boy and hubby...So indirectly I also earn those magical grins and lovely smiles :) ...

And when my precious half  is travelling, I will now catch a glimpse of him and have a heart-to-heart tete-a-tete with him anything and from anywhere without disturbance of waiting for either of us to reach a better network...Love will now not be confined to location and time (Blush-Blush)! 

We will now reside in an era where Skype and Google hangouts shall always let us stay in touch with our loved ones despite of physical boundaries...

While these were my first thoughts of comfort of what I intent to do with my #Airtel4G , I undoubtedly look forward to much more with the astoundingly impressive speeds!!

So Folks if you too wish to upgrade to 4G all you need is to place a request for free home delivery of an Airtel 4G Sim or tweet for it, grab a 4G Compatible device and acquire a plan that suits your needs the best and enter the world of absolute bliss.....

I am all set to experience our Magical Wand to Stay Web Connected Forever, my Airtel 4G ...Are you ??

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