Tuesday 7 July 2015

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses” : Inculcating positive attitude in your child at an early age

Motherhood Confers on you lots of Smiles as well as Responsibility 

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When becoming a mother had undoubtedly been the most beautiful chapter in my life, it also comes in great responsibility of nurturing my child in a way that he grows up to a wonderful human being brimming with positive energy always...My earnest endeavor is to foster in him good values early in his life to give a strong foundation to what he grows up into...and for this I do extensive immaculate research and I am glad to have discovered a wonderful website https://www.rewardme.in/ which has a huge ocean of eye-opening and impressive articles on diverse topics by ultimate experts in their respective fields.....

I recently read their article "6 Tips for Raising Positive Thinkers" and found it really praise-worthy and impactful...Though it had dawned on me several times earlier as well, to channelize my kid's thoughts to be able to witness positivity and optimism in every situation, no matter how trivial or significant, but this article on Rewardme , showed me how  as a mother of a 6 year old, I can go about it :)

I will quickly sum up below their 6 recommendations and how it has impacted my little munchkin:

1.Birds of a feather flock together: By surrounding your child with positive people,family and peers,  you automatically make him absorb the positivity as children learn maximum through observation..and as said charity begins at home..I started leading by example for him after going through this wonderful article....I really worked hard to stay positive in all situations and smiled come what may...Soon by little sonny out-shined me in the optimism he spread all around...His whole outlook towards the words took a paradigm shift and now he looks  for a positive ray of hope, even in the most negative situations and today sometimes it's he who cheers me up in certain situations!

Make your Baby Brim with Positive Energy Always

2.Root Cause Analysis of Negativity: To inculcate a positive attitude in our child, first we must get to the root of the negativity ourselves so that we can provide the most realistic and best solution for it to our kid  and channelize his thought process accordingly...For. e.g.if a child gets up crying every morn,that he /she doesn't wish to go to school, don't just let it go,try to get to the cause of the anxiety, thoughtfully craft a solution and that discuss positively and affectionately to your kid about it...also groom him how he should navigate through it if the situation arises again...This will comfort him, boost his confidence and decision making power...thus bestowing  a lot of positivity to our little angel!This has been my personal experience undoubtedly......

3.To Err is Human and acceptance of all feelings is essential:We must tell our child that it is ok to feel negative some times like sad or angry an also we all are subject to making mistakes but it is essential to analyse them and vent them with positive words like disappointment for those feelings ,as what they speak and how they speak will definitely have a huge impact on their psyche gradually (P.S. One must not confuse negative feelings with negative attitude) !I let me child pour out his heart uninterruptedly to me and say,  so you see how you grew a little more stronger by getting into this situation and the entire thing turns into a positive experience for him!

4. Add Gratitude in everyday's regime:Motivated by this lovely piece of writing at RewardMe, every  night Me , Hubby and my little sonny discuss positive things that happened during the day for which we must be grateful.It can be from very big things to the small ones...Like I am glad I got very good marks in the olympiads, or I am Glad My Meeting with the Clients went really well etc..There are no noes to what you cant be thankful for...In this way we as well as our little peanut passively learn to appreciate life and stay positive always <3

5.Use Language as a tool to express controlled emotions:  Sometime back my boy picked up a habit of saying "I Hate........" For anything and everything he did not appreciate...While I did not correct or scold him on it immediately, I knew it needed correction and language is the tool I gave him to suppress his harsh emotions and use disagree or disappoint or any other subtle synonym...For I Believe these will motivate him to change the situation in his favour rather than brood over it..Use this too fellas,often !!

6. Plan and Envision the Change you desire to bring about: We must all appreciate the fact that every child is different and as Parents we are the best judge to what change has to be brought in our young one , to make their attitude brim with self-confidence and positivity and in my best way to do this is to talk to them...and remember not to directly jump to the topic aggressively rather engage the tiny damsel in general talks,than talk about the negativity, try to read in between their lines...be a patient listener till you have made his/her lighter and have paved your way to la the foundation of a positive attitude in his /her heart and than step by step adopt the above 5 points exactly like I did all charged up by a lovely article on RewardMe :)

This blogpost of mine is thus a tribute to RewardMe for helping and guiding me most wonderfully and neutrally,time and again ,in ways umpteen to make my Motherhood experience , a most pleasurable one and inculcating lots of right things in my sonny boy...Thanks to them,My heart is filled with Pride to witness my boy is growing up into a positive multi-talented boy....You too can refer to them uninhibited here https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you  <3

My Little Sunshine always ready with a Smile

Infact if you seek expert opinion on other diverse topics, I recommend you based on my experience,to take a sneak peek of  RewardMe for it unfailingly and you would know it for yourself  :) :)  

                                                                 -Truly Yours Roma

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