Tuesday 7 July 2015

MammaMia Speaks:How to Inculcate Responsibility in our little Munchkin Early on

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Time Just Flies...It was just a little while back that I held my little bundle of joy in my tender arms for the first time and today he is all set to start Formal Schooling...No doubt we both have pampered him beyond all limits but I guess this is the right time for us to lay the right foundation of being on the right track in him....I am sure it's gonna involve a lot of churning of my brain, creativity and patience, to channelize my little sonny's energy in the right directions...First of all I wanna inculcate in him, the feeling to be responsible for his acts and things  and the best way to do it is getting him involved in the House-Cores..This also becomes absolutely imperative in my case because, it's time for mommy to get back to work and a self-imposed sabbatical ...Nevertheless even if this is not the case with you, we must engage our kids in our everyday cores, assign them tasks, creatively....this would not only make them responsible but also boost their self-confidence <3

If tomorrow we earnestly desire that they lead a healthy lifestyle, this training of Independence must start early on...and most not be ignored or delayed, for the younger the kid is, the easier for him/her, it would be to accept the change...With time creeps in inertia and reluctance and you ought to trust me on that...I have already started grooming my little buddy and I am so glad he cleans up his room after school each day, thus satiating my inner mommy that I am on the right track! And based on my experience and extensive research on the subject: I have churned out a 10 point program to aid you groom and polish your child in the best possible way:

1.Lead by Example: Our children are extremely observant...They tend to learn more by observing us rather than from what we teach them, so always maintain a positive helping atmosphere at home, so it will come naturally to your little sweetheart that he must help mom-dad in the house cores and share the responsibility :)

2.Make it the PlayWay: All said and done, we ought to remember, they are children, so they would love it the most if the chore has a fun element to it..for e.g. if your little boy is loading the laundry in the Washing machine, ask him to count how man clothes are his, how many of dad and how many of mom and he has the right to declare after the counting "The Cleanest Fella of the Week" :D

3.Let's get as Creative as possible: Our Kids our generally smarter than what we perceive them to be...Let their Creative juices flow out...Have an open ended discussion like Mamma has set the bed or Dining Table like this...Do you have a better Idea?? How about surprising Dad by your new layout dis evening?? And before you'll even probably figure out, in their enthusiasm and excitement, some real new style will definitely take birth....remember every kid is different and may take different level of interests in different roles you assign to them..be a creative mommy and dig out the best way for your cutie :)

4.Refrain from Shouting or discouraging the kid no matter how much the task has been ruined: Never Yell at your child, praise his efforts..he would not have done it as you expected or in a perfect way but remember he has done it to the best of his abilities...most importantly, if you find it absolutely essential to make corrections, do it at a later stage..Don't criticize than and there an kill his innocent pride in having completed the task and have helped mom-dad!!

5.Bring in Variety to Add Spice: Pitch in Variety dears, repeatedly doing the same cores daily would make it monotonous for them and make them abandon the idea of helping...Evoke their curiosity, ask them will  you like to try cooking with mamma this Saturday...Okie, what should be cooked ?? And Trust me they will be all smiles, while spending Quality time with you, tossing some noodles :)

6. Confer on them the Power to Decide: Make Thursday or any other day of the week a free day for them, where they can decide themselves which house chore they would prefer to do...Always respect the decisions of these tiny gentle-men and gentle-ladies and softly ask them to share why they chose it....and you will find it so surprising that in very few weeks itself, they will learn to logically deduce what task they must undertake :)

7.Keep Cute and motivating Rewards and Reinforce the Value for Money: Maintaining a Gold-Silver Coin Calendar and let the kid be rewarded gold or silver coin on his daily fulfillment of the chores...Let a gold coin be equal to 1 re and a Silver coin half a rupee..At the end of the month, let your kid decide whether he will save this to buy the remote controlled robot after he has collected enough money or would like to spend it on something right away...

8. Don't Force the Child, create Desire: Like sometimes we are just not in a mood to some something, so are our little ones...Don't force them, Talk to them,be True to them, Tell them how a little help from them will be so essential for mom to do the next task..this would automatically create a desire in do it, in their innocent souls..

9. Be Realistic and Genuine: It is extremely significant for us to realize that they are growing up and so their understanding no doubt will be widening but they may not understand everything so a lot of optimism has to be inculcated in them..Try  to answer all your kids'queries in a very reasonable and unbiased manner and give them time to comprehend...if they skip a task, never be annoyed!

10.Chill Out and be the Best of Friends : I genuinely am game for buddy parenting..be friends with your little boy or girl..Don't teach them the instructions and ordering way..teach them the sharing and caring way, because all said and done..our children grow up to be our true Silhouette in most of the cases..so the bandwagon for discovering always the best for them and nurturing them the holistic way, lies solely in our hands!

I hope dear fellow parents, the above information shall aid you relevantly in making your child independent and responsible from a very tender age...I was extremely motivated by the article Creative ways to make children do their chores with a smile on my favorite Website RewardMe and benefited a great deal from it, in positively molding my little boy....In-fact, if you are looking for umpteen number of other priceless childcare tips do visit https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you for an unending source of inspiration <3

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