Wednesday 8 July 2015

Cricket in your blood:Surf It All! Surf It Fast! Anywhere n everywhere uninterrupted!!

 Undoubtedly Fellas, Cricket is a religion in my house... It virtually runs in our blood... I never realized how and when I was so badly smitten by the #CricketKeeda ... My dad, my brother, my hubby and now my 6 year old little munchkin, they are all great cricket buffs to the extend that if my dad takes a bite and India hits a six, he would keep repeating his action to witness another six (Phew! This is just one such example)... While for my little sonny, I really wonder how much he understands but whenever a India looses, he cries aloud with real fat tears...For all of them, the seasons are not a summer or a winter ... It's the World Cup season, the IPL season n so on... So by now you know where my cricket mania comes from!  

We need to watch every match, every single ball....earlier all of us use to rush home leaving at times important tasks at hand compelled by our maddening love for cricket... While today we have some respite by being able to watch the same on our mobiles, laptops, and tabs whenever and wherever we wish to...the browser speed and efficiency at times causes real hurt as we miss some real significant moments of the game!

Tantadan, but what if I tell you that now you can watch your first love uninterrupted to your heart's content...Yes, I mean it guys .... Lately I have downloaded the UC Browser and it's awesome performance has taken me by a real surprise ! I have introduced it to my CricketGoer Family too...And we love the UC Cricket Absolutely as it is our own personalized cricket space to watch the match no matter where we office, in parlor, at college, while shopping or at a family get together...There is absolutely no need to find an excuse to cheat on them:)

Yes, now we can Surf it all as well as Surf It Fast at a blazing speed, to our heart's content,no matter where we are! If you too desire a seamless super fast and efficient browser download UC browser and click on the blue UC Cricket button to enter your awesomazing world of cricket... Get live updates , get the latest news,set reminders for scheduled matches and watch them all, never missing a ball!

You ought to trust me in this as even
#YuviSurfsUC .....Yeah Guys! You heard me right-the Legendary YuvRaj Singh, our Nation's heartthrob relies on UC too to connect to Cricket too! Checkout for yourself in the video embedded below <3

I thus confidently conclude that UC can Pamper your #CricketKeeda too like mine, anywhere and everywhere seamlessly on the go, without disturbing other significant other tasks at hand.....Download it Now!!

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