Monday 2 February 2015

The valentine's #LoveExpressions Giveaway !!

Hey all you lovely People out there!!

Love is undoubtedly the most Beautiful Feeling on Earth!
But sometimes we fail to Express Love to our loved ones and take it for granted!
N so "Straight From the Heart" brings you this festive Season a contest which gives you multiple chances to express your feelings uninhibited and also win Lovely prizes!
Through the Contest " Love Expressions" Valentine Giveaway !

Terms and Conditions:
1. Express your love to your spouse, friends, kids, mom , dad or whomever you want to express your heart to,  through any medium you want, in words, thru' pics, thru' poems, thru' videoes choice is all yours..
2.Post your entry on the wall of the Facebook Page or Twitter handle @STRAITFRMDHEARTor on Google Plus tagging that friend.
3.Multiple entries are allowed and you can express your heart to as many people you want, the more the merrier.Do remember to share the contest post and spread love this Valentine Season.
4.Only entries on the wall of the page with the #LoveExpressions will be considered. Entries in comments or direct messages will not be considered.
5.You must be following the blog (click Follow on the right side top at this link, after signing in from your gmail)
6. Write Agreed in the comments section of this post if you are following all rules...
7.Do express your views on the posts in the blog (optional)...Genuine feedbacks on the blogposts and more interactions on the FB page, twitter of G+ will be appreciated..
8.The last day of this contest will be 14th Feb 2015..
9.Pls dont post any obscene material on the page.

So get going Folks, waiting to hear your Love Expressions <3 ...............TrulyYoursRoma

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  1. follow all the rules.
    amazingg contest. :)

  2. Followed all rules :) agreeing all conditions :)

  3. follow all the rules.
    amazingg contest.wish too win :)

  4. Participated for the first time... Fingers XXX

    1. I wish you all the best! Trust you liked my blog :)