Saturday 31 January 2015

A peep into a Women's Heart: I am this AND....... (Things that Define Me)

 Dear Readers,

Being an Indian daughter , an Indian Wife and most recently a Mom , who knows it better than me, the number of ORs we are given in our lived from the tender age...with most of us settling for less with a heavy heart...But is the situation getting better today...Yes of course, there's a ray of hope at-least...With education and westernization, people's thoughts are becoming Liberal...

And I am Glad to be a part of the dawn of true liberalization in India...For I love to Dream AND than Materialize my Dreams.That's me , My dreams may be umpteen, but I have the will and the determination to hold them all in my Kitty , taking up one or more of them at a time...

Things that define me cannot just be one...While I am a Professional Automobile Engineer,a product designer more precisely by education, the same creativity forays into every aspect of my life...I am a passionate bharatnatyam dancer AND a leisure painter but what satiates my soul the most is writing, expressing Straight from the Heart anything and everything, so am a ALLROUND BLOGGER too....Anyways this is definitely not the end of the roads for me...My interests keep trolling here and there, and I love to explore  all options though I may not excel at all and that makes me a Jack of all Trades...

Life is undoubtedly beautiful and my principle is keep weaving lovely memories each moment , each day of this beautiful journey...I love to be associated with different labels and love the diversity and spice in life which advents at it's different stages...For e.g. being married to a man with exceptional culinary skills made me discover innovative cookery AND becoming a mom, made me half pediatrician :) .....

On the lighter side, I am an agony aunt to my friends and colleagues and thanks to them sometimes to strangers...Thirteen years of hostel-life before and 10 years of Corporate life of Tata Motors, Honda Cars and Ikea of Sweden (trolling all over the globe), have ensured I have bags full of Acquaintances...Still I love if I can be of any help to them....

Now comes the thing that defines me the most, that's the label that completes me, that of a MOM...there is nothing more beautiful to me than the cuddles and kisses of my little boy..Love him beyond all eternity...I am me with him, we dance together, weave stories, read fairy tales and even go shopping ...He brings the child alive in me....Together we laugh our heart out ...And my passion of being a jack of all traits is quite visible in my little sonny too, who at a tender age of 5 displays diverse talents.....I love his inundating Zeal to learn.

Most earnestly, from the bottom of my heart, Words fail me to express, how significant is the label of MOM to me....And I feel I am Miss Universe when my Little boy gives me the title of being World's Best mom <3

My evenings are dedicated to the Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes ever since I was in class 5....I owe a lot to these homes..they have helped to groom the compassionate soul in me(the values I have loved to imbibe in my little boy too)....Spending time with the under-privileged kids and few words of love and some unconditional hugs are much more than any other gift to them...and gives me immense satisfaction beyond compare.

So Folks!! this is me, uninhibited !! I am an ordinary woman but an extraordinary spirit...This lovely Blogadda Activity, had actually made me enumerate things that define me, and  after a long of speculation and self-introspection I chose to express my heart out...

Yet I feel this is just a humble commencement, as the woman in me still wants to fathom achievable heights...Definitely Many more ANDs are yet to come my way.....For I believe in Myself, today n always.

Words fail me to express my extreme Gratitude to the Almighty, the Supreme Power,

To give to me the will to #useyourAnd and don't abondon myself to the ORs!

To give me the confidence to pursue my dreams,
And not bury my ambitions deep within!

I am so proud of myself today, for I left no stone unturned,

To become an Automobile Engineer, par excellence,
And a Painter, AND a Writer AND a Blogger,
who dances Bharatnatyam!

I swim AND skate with my little son,

And cherish the title given by him, of being World's best Mom!

Most Truly, My ANDs Complete me Today, 
And so I urge to all Women round the globe, Come what may,
Let no BUTs , IFs  and ORs make you Sway!

#UseYourAnd and prove to the World YOU CAN <3


This post is a part of a beautiful and With a Purpose #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus ", a topic I really felt so close to my heart and loved to give MyVoice to, Straight from the Heart :) ....TrulyYoursRoma

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  1. You are a indeed an admirable woman, hats off to you !!

  2. Hat's off Roma for your beautiful & creative thoughts & ideas....

  3. Indeed u r the best player when it comes to words :) Love ur creative writings :) Big fan of urs :*

    1. Love and admire the passionate women in u :) Glad to hv a gem like u as frend :)

  4. Thanks Dear Yogita Amit Joshi, thanks for your always appreciation, means a lot!

  5. You are indeed a woman of substance!