Saturday 7 February 2015

Carving the Script of a Perfect Val Day:"This VD let the Cupid Strike, making it the most memorable day of his/her life"

Hola! All you Wowsome people our there, a love-full Hello this Valentine Season!

Life is beautiful isn't it !

And more so when Love, perhaps, the most beautiful feeling on earth, is in the air!
It is this time when, your heart is dancing in pure ecstatic love of your partner and the symphony of his care and warmth runs in your blood !
He will be for whom you wish to express your heart out, for whom you want to get the moon from the skies, as the gift most priceless.....Won't you do anything to get the most cherishable smile on your love's face on Valentine's Day?? Well, I will undoubtedly! And Aah, if God tells me I am given unlimited powers for the day,it is like he has read my heart straight..

So here I unleash my unlimited powers for the love of the life on Valentine's Day...My stream of thoughts flowing like a lovelorn cascade with oodles of love in it, wishes that you get all the happiness of the world this day...So here goes my script for a perfect Valentine's Day <3 :

"And so at midnight, as the Val Day sets in, I wake you up with a soft kiss
only to board a chartered plane to Zurich in Swizz...

Soon we will ride the lovely night skies,
beautifully decorated with stars, for the love of the life.
The plane inside will be adorned with perfumed flowers and dim-light
and music of fountains playing in the hindsight...

In between, seated would we, on a flower bed,
With our hand in hand, feeling out of the world...

In those lovely moments, our hearts would talk,
And bind us in an eternal bond , without a spoken word <3

We would soon advent at our love destination,
And for my darling, awaits the next surprise of pure passion

As we enter our suite , decorated in enigmatic red,
He finds a love note and a beautiful card

The card had all our sweet memories woven together,
And I had embellished words with diamonds in my love letter

So much I wish and pray,
Our Love keeps Shining Forever like these diamonds and just not today,

I will undoubtedly love the twinkle in his eyes,
When he would fall in love with my surprise

But hey this is just not the end of the day,
Glued to each other, we had more to paint the town red

As we will roam about in the afternoon, in the lovely Zurich,
I will ensure every hoarding, expresses my serine love to him

What a beautiful day it would be,
I will make my love the King and be his Queen 

My evening plans for the big day are larger
Tell me folks, how about a "Dinner Date at the Grand ALPs"

I had left no stone un-turned to prepare a Perfect Place,
That ignites some ecstatic moments of Love and Romance

And so at the foothills of the majestic Alps,
as we descend from the Aircraft,

A lovely Silver and Red Glittering cottage
with a desirous Fire-Place welcomes us

I wish my adorable love, loves my love for him,
As I blink to him to take me in his arms

The night would be incomplete without a dance,
When I hold him closest to I have ever done

I than plant a subtle kiss on his lips, forgetting all fears,
And during that moment, I will gently whisper those magical words in his ears,

"I LOVE YOU so so much my dear!
Be Mine Forever and Ever and Ever!"

The cottage is all set for Dinner and rest!
Where we spend our divine moments left ...

In those charismatic mesmerizing moments,
We will weave life's most beautiful memories

That we will forever cherish in our hearts
And will help us sail through the times rough.........

Life is extremely beautiful my Friends,
So please make the most of every moment

And last but not the least,
With failing words I express my gratitude to Baggout Team,

For giving me this lovely Opportunity,
To live my dream,

Even the thought of which is so scintillating,
I wish I win and materialize atleast a part of my dream <3 "

So buddies, here 's my simple way, to make this Valentine day my love's most memorable day...My most candid take on the subject, absolutely straight from the Heart <3 <3

Do leave your valuable comments, they enrich my journey...trulyyoursRoma

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  1. words are like expressing my heart . where you those words from? love ur writing.

  2. Thankyou so much...Loved your Fantasy ...Well conceived n woven into words

  3. Wowww Roma!!! Darling u have created magic with ur words... U simply filled love all around.... Love :*

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  6. awesomely written ....whenever i read ur blog i feel good...sometimes awesome .... ALLAH blessed you. :)

    1. Thankyou are a v special reader to me :)

    2. Thankyou so much Pooja khurana....u may visit our fb page for more updates :)