Tuesday 10 February 2015

Our Hearts still Resonate in the #SoundOfLove, so Blissful and Pure

Heya Folks,

This Wowsome beautiful morn, in the Valentine's week, with so so much of Love in the Air, I am probably in the best moods to share with you "Straight from the Heart", the True tale of my Crazy Wacky Love with my Chaddy-Buddy, absolutely enthralled by this Amazing #SoundOfLove Video by Bluestone.....Watching this made me walk back in the memory lane and I could not stop smiling to myself,  memorizing those mesmerizing moments when I proposed him shyly that day....

Undoubtedly, I find myself extremely lucky that the love of my life, is indeed my bestest friend from times umpteen...Infact, words fail me to describe what true love is, but what I know is, it is what my partner has been showering on me unconditionally ever since our childhood...need nothing on this earth save he...He has been my childhood buddy, my adolescent confidant , my love, my husband and most newly my baby's dad....Our Dads have been the closest of friends and neighbors and with only a 10 months gap in our age, we practically grew up together, doing almost everything with each other, right from playing in the mud , to our First Day at School...we shared everything,our toys and our cycles to some lovely fights, to which our mothers fondly laughed...All in All, we the Crazy Chaddi-buddies and our Friendship Rocked....We always strolled together, hand in hand, Climbed trees, shared our deepest secrets and it seemed as if we were inseparable...

But had things always been like one thought, no one would have ever believed in the Supreme Power called "GOD"....When we were eleven,we  were thrown apart due to a strong argument between our dads which brought a crack in their friendship forever and my dad took a transfer on request....We now lived in different cities and I really felt miserable to be snapped off from my closest friend leaving a huge void in my life..... but as said time is the best healer, in due course of time , we learnt to live without each other and marched ahead in our lives...

Little did we know that life had a beautiful surprise in store for us..On a Fateful day, after a lapse of 7 years, we met again, yes you heard it right, we met again...to be enrolled in the same engineering college at Pantnagar and in the same Branch...Words again fail me to describe how happy I was...It felt I have found my long lost treasure...I greeted him with a soft smile as I thought he would have forgotten me but he reciprocated back....and than our friendship commenced exactly from where it stopped...We again strolled hand-in-hand but this time as he held mine, my heart beated faster and soft cascadal music played in my ears...What was happening to me?? I soon realized this was Love, Pure Ecstatic Love.....Hehe, I blushed at the thought of it, But how will I express to the guy with whom I have even shared my diapers with?? Does he love me too or Will be laugh on me ??? I was filled with crazy number of doubts..........

But I loved him, loved him so dearly..Now even a glance of his made my heart pound..I decided to reveal it out...But not like everybody did...as our friendship was unique, the proposal ought to be the most unique too...More so because by now I firmly believed that it is God himself who has destined us as Man and Wife...I still remember it was the month of February and I decided to word my feelings to him on Valentine's day......

On that fateful day, when we met , I was quiet, very quiet....and my heart was beating so fast with the unspoken #SoundofLove that I am sure he heard it...Sensing my anxiety he asked if there was something that was bothering me....I remember we were under a tree exactly like our childhood days when we climbed trees and chatted for hours and shared all our baby secrets...And so like those kid days have arrived back, I almost got carried away to share my deepest secret with him...I told him, I have had a crazy dream last night for the man I love that I had got unlimited powers to make his valentine's day most memorable, in that dream....And now I wanted to share this dream with the love of my life, so I had written it in a letter....Here is what my letter said...

"At midnight, as the Val Day sets in, I wake you up with a soft kiss
only to board a chartered plane to Zurich in Swizz...

Soon we will ride the lovely night skies,
beautifully decorated with stars, for you , the love of the life.
The plane inside will be adorned with perfumed flowers and dim-light
and music of fountains playing in the hindsight...

In between, seated would we, on a flower bed,
With our hand in each other's hand, feeling out of the world...

In those lovely moments, our hearts would talk,
And bind us in an eternal bond , in an unspoken #SoundOfLove <3

We would soon advent at our love destination,
where for you my darling, awaits the next surprise of pure passion

As we enter our suite , decorated in enigmatic red,
You would find a love note and a beautiful card

The card had all our sweet memories of childhood woven together,
And I had embellished words with diamonds in my love letter

So much I wish and pray,
Our Love keeps Shining Forever like these diamonds and just not today,

I will undoubtedly love the twinkle in your eyes,
When he would fall in love with my surprise

But hey this is just not the end of the day,
Glued to each other, we have more to paint the town red

As we will roam about in the afternoon, in the lovely Zurich,
I will ensure every hoarding, expresses my serine love to him

What a beautiful day it would be,
I will make my love the King and be his Queen 

My evening plans for the big day are larger
Tell me darling, how about a "Dinner Date at the Grand ALPs"

I had left no stone un-turned to prepare a Perfect Place,
That ignites some ecstatic moments of Love and Romance

And so at the foothills of the majestic Alps,
as we descend from the Aircraft,

A lovely Silver and Red Glittering cottage
with a desirous Fire-Place welcomes us

I wish my adorable love,You love my plans,
As I blink to you to take me in your arms

The night would be incomplete without a dance,
When I hold you closest, more than I have ever done

I than plant a subtle kiss on your cheeks, forgetting all fears,
And during that moment, gently whisper those magical words in your ears,

"I LOVE YOU so so much my dear!
Be Mine Forever and Ever and Ever!"

He read the letter, and I saw the same twinkle, I talked about in my letter , in his eyes....He knew it was he I talked about....His lovely smile spread across his face only to give me the warmest ever embrace and a subtle kiss!! He told me his heart too was beating that day as fast as mine and that he really loved my quirky way of telling him indirectly...He placed my hand on his chest to hear his heart's #SoundOfLove and our hearts resonated together ....Those divine moments of love are forever imprinted on my heart....Later he admitted he has always and always loved me but never had the words I had, so he left it to me to Express....He knew me more than anyone else, so he knew even without any spoken word, we are bound together by hearts not only for this birth but many more to come...And I was so so proud inside that my queer wacky proposal of a Dream, my #SoundofLove has touched his heart and has won me my life, my hubby, my Bestie of a Lifetime !! The same love continues till present day and our hearts still resonate in unison with the same unspoken but divine #SoundOfLove.......

I trust you enjoyed the read folks of my crazy wacky love proposal straight from the heart....TrulyYoursRoma

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone” and I am so elated I am...Words fail me to express my gratitude to them, for taking me back in the memory lane and letting me relive those priceless cherishable moments all over again....

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  1. This definitely was an awesome Read!

  2. you juggle so well with words,loved it to the core dear

  3. hahaha, good one,fantastic.......

  4. Awesome creative & mind blowing. Loved your writing . This is one of the beautiful & creative writing . You are my favourite Blogger. Keep going on....

  5. Thank you Roma for this Valentine's week's cool balm in scorching June...it soothes:):)

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  7. Amazing fairy tale! You two were destined to be together...seems like a perfect story for a cute little book :)

    1. Thank you so much dear :) n yeah I definitely intend to write a book some day :)