Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Sweet Lil Note of Gratitude For My Bestest Friend Forever (POEM)

This is a Sweet Little Note Of Gratitude and Love for my BESTEST FRIEND FOREVER  

We Often Take our Friendship for Granted, and miss on felicitating n expressing our love to this,one of the most Pristine Form of Selfless Love and Togetherness, until our Friend goes away .... Don't Guys, it needs to nurtured like any other too  

So Reach out and Express your love to your Friends!

Here's a Poetic way to do so..... hope u Like it ......TrulyYoursRoma

Today for us, is a v Special Day,

N so today I felt a deep urge to say!

To you my best friend of decades,

That you are to me God’s gift bestest !

Undoubtedly your love for me,is the most precious,

Words fail me to express my gratitude to you,I can only say,

Beyond eternity I love you,

And this love is out of all the warmth,

You have showered unconditionally on me ,for so many years,

So much today I wish and pray,

That our friendship like this forever stays,

Growing,fonder n deeper each day "


  1. wow awesome lines touching straight my heart lovely words

  2. STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART..... is a friend we turn to
    when our spirits need a lift.......
    it's someone we treasure
    for our friendship is a gift.......
    it's someone who fills our lives
    with beauty, joy, and grace.......
    And makes the whole world we live in
    a better and happier place...........