Tuesday 2 July 2024

Am grateful for today: Taking one day at a time


The whole of June passed in a blink of an eye with me itching to write every moment. Come July, I take back to my pen with all my heart, promising myself to complete the umpteen half-penned articles that rest in my notes craving attention. Today is my mom’s birthday and I have to weave my gratitude and love for her in my words to reach her in the heavens above though I will never be able to express how the past eighteen years have been without her hand on my head. I have tried my best to emulate her and at least be a mother figure for my little brother(not so little anymore) but I know it is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what she would have meant and done for him. 

Whenever I re-commence writing after a hiatus I always somehow begin with a gratitude list of everything gone right and forgetting what’s not gone my way. Honestly, I love this fact because penning a piece straight from the heart means so much to me as a writer. There are so many things I wish to talk about the past month including a heartfelt travelogue but today I want to write about what really struck a chord the most. Sometimes we unknowingly speak something so precious that almost defines our life perfectly. 

I had a close relative staying at our place last month who as he entered the house inquired about my general well-being and life and my instant reply was, ‘All is good, just taking one day at a time’. As I said this I felt grateful that God has given me today to live and make this world a better day in whichever little way I can. 

Also what I said has precisely defined my life since the vasti panchkarma debacle I had in May. Unfortunately, I have not had a single painless day since then, and even my doctor is clueless about what went wrong. Thankfully, another doctor, my doctor Bhaiya in Allahabad has put me on a homeopathic painkiller for endometriosis and yes so I am truly living one day at a time not worrying if tomorrow morning I will get up painless or in deep pain. Honestly thinking about tomorrow I may ruin my today. So, yes, I am grateful for the fact that I am capable of surviving it all and am living one day at a time to its full without any regrets and to the best I can impacting and touching lives in whichever way I can. What is gone is gone and I have not seen tomorrow, I love my today and the sweet little joys I weave in it and that is all that matters to me now. 

The power of now is immense if only we realize it, if we yearn to make our today beautiful, imagine how our entire life will be beautiful. Even on days when things didn’t go our way we will be glad and have a peaceful sleep that at least we tried. I want to leave you with this thought today and express my gratitude to all of you for sparing your precious time to read me today, it means a lot to this writer. 


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