Wednesday 27 July 2022

Review of a really worthy book which stood out for me in the Blogchatter ebook carnival 2022

Hello lovely people, it feels so exhilarating to write to you today after a monthlong Covid and post Covid sicknesses. Honestly, at the moment I am struggling to find back my rhythm. But at the same time, I am hell-bent to make things get better at the soonest. One thing that has helped in the past month has been the little amount of reading that I have been able to do and because I really loved the intensity of the tales in this book, I summoned up the energy to read it almost every day no matter even if it was a few pages and I am glad I am able to finish it and post my review here today.

I am talking about a really worth-reading book known as ‘Happy Endings’ by Suchita Agarwal. I have been reading the blog pieces of the author for quite a few years but this meaty book undoubtedly surpassed my expectations and I devoured it every bit. It has the rare ability to touch the deepest chords of your heart.

The plot of the book

The book is a work of fiction with five standalone tales written from the perspective of their protagonists. In fact, the tales are named after the protagonists Sameera, Mayank, Avantika, Urmilla, and Pranjal, and very rightly so as it is their story portrayed impeccably. The five stories have no evident connection with each other but each weaves in words a different kind of pain or void one experiences at the crossroads of life. However, the beautiful part is they eventually succeed in getting a happy ending. Thus, the book's title is most apt and so is the book cover which exhibits the emptiness the protagonists experience at some point in life due to myriad circumstances.

My take on the book

I have lots to say about this book. It is a soulful amalgamation of several tales that stay with you for long after you finish reading them. The writing is very sincere and the narration is crisp which keeps you hooked. Also, this book has the rare ability to let the reader feel that the protagonist is actually a part of him, and thus he can experience his pain. Thankfully a happy ending each time brings so much solace. 

I could relate so much with the lead characters and their stories because I have experienced a similar void at different junctures in my life and have somehow been able to put them behind and get a happy ending but I feel it is an ongoing process. 

To be able to weave such mature tales exhibits the author’s brilliance and deep understanding of life. I will beyond all doubt love to read more and more of her work. 

Each story also has a beautiful life lesson worth contemplating. Between the lines, it portrays life as the best healer and also the best teacher, all we need is to give up our inhibitions and be ready to experience its wrath. It eventually will have mercy.

Book Blurb: It was the best thing that had happened to her. Who knew? Maybe the future. You do not go after dreams – but after goals. She let her tears fall. He was the unlikely hero of this fantastical tale. Sameera, Mayank, Avantika, Urmilla, and Pranjal have nothing in common – except a tragedy that leads to a happy ending.

About the Author

Suchita Agarwal, when not putting her Masters in International Business to good use working on content creation, strategy, and campaign management, is a writer who believes words are where the magic is. She blogs at Tales of Suchita.
Thank you for reading!

Final Word

I loved this book on multiple levels and rate it a 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 (four and a half stars) saving a half due to my greed to entice the author to further keep enriching her work).

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