Monday 20 June 2022

Announcing the Worldwide Release of my 7th Book

Poetry has always intrigued me and I love savoring it as much as I love penning it. When  I lose control over my emotions and feel very overwhelmed or vulnerable I let it all flow out in the form of poems into the universe which in turn blesses and impresses me. 

This year my 7th book got published in the Blogchatter ebook carnival. From the time I was about six like I said, poetry has been my way of expressing my heart’s sincere yearning. I literally weave my heart in words because it knows no other medium to vent its deep emotions. This book is thus a piece of my heart shared with you all as poetic florets. Most of the poems here are standalone pieces written over a decade when I was experiencing a deep emotion and had no other means to communicate.

My poetic compositions give me solace, give me power and they give me peace. I write to empower myself, to proudly take every adverse situation in my stride. I wish they do the same for you.

This poetry book has 5 sections all of which have both happy and sad weaves in a random order basically portraying how I have lived my life so far and how I wish it progresses. I really hope you like these pearls I have strung together for you. 

Here is the first look of the book for you. 

You can grab a promotional copy of the book just by clicking on this link for free and in case you do I will so love to hear your feedback on the same. 

Thank you so much for always and always being there for me, though I may not say it often, it really means a lot. 

Truly Yours Roma

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