Tuesday 20 April 2021

How do I prepare myself mentally for Covid-19?


My only brother and his family are battling COVID in Ahmedabad for a fortnight now and since yesterday my dad too is showing symptoms. Living with them virtually, each day in terror, I have realized that though COVID-19 is a viral attack on our body, it is more of a mental battle for every individual because whether one accepts it or not its fear is humongous. We may be able to cope up with the physical pain but often can lose the mental battle. 

I realized till my brother and his wife thought it was a normal viral fever as diagnosed by their doctor, they were just fine doing everything normally. But as his wife lost her smell and taste and the reports came out to be positive, the panic-struck hard though the viral load was moderate. They have a small baby and an elderly mom at home, I can understand what fear they went through.

Forget about them, I myself went restless when I first heard it and took a lot of time to compose myself. Staying with them through video calls every day and guiding them each day I understood, it is very important for us to be mentally prepared if God forbid the infection to choose to target us.

Thus I thought of penning these notes to myself to prepare you and me in case we become Covid positive so that we can be in control and not let the floor under our feet slip or at least try our best.

Remember we have to prepare ourselves for this mental battle as strongly as possible to aid our physical body to recuperate well under the attack of this deadly virus. 

Most importantly we don’t have to lose this mental battle because we are not only responsible for ourselves but our family too. 

So please write the below points on your heart or on a piece of paper and keep it attested to your fridge with a magnet or wherever you feel you will be able to grab it at the earliest. 

How do I prepare myself mentally for Covid?  

10 points Mantra 

  1. First and foremost, don’t panic, deep breaths, sit back, and assimilate how severe your symptoms are. 
  2. My behavior and attitude now shall determine my family’s health and happiness. I am not fearing the situation but trying to face it head-on to the best of my abilities.
  3. I will get myself and my family tested. 
  4. Will consult a doctor online at the earliest and start the medication as early as I can.
  5. Will ensure everyone is eating well, sleeping well, and is doing whatever gives them maximum joy.
  6. I Will keep a strong check on the oxygen levels and also monitor the fever and other symptoms regularly (Do purchase an oximeter online now and keep it handy at home).
  7. Will keep the strong belief that God is kind and this shall pass soon.
  8. I know the battle is going to be a little difficult but I am not going to lose the spirit. I am maintaining enough funds in the bank and am prepared for everything.
  9. Come what may I will smile and defeat COVID eventually at all costs. 
  10. Shall do pranayam and repeat the positive affirmations to myself-I am absolutely fine and healthy and feel on top of the world now.

I guess it shall be best to start preparing ourselves from today. While we pray each day to keep Corona away and take all necessary precautions, let’s also be very well mentally prepared! 

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