Tuesday 26 January 2021

Best Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts in 2021


Love is such a beautiful feeling that the more we celebrate it the warmer it leaves our hearts. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and thus the most beautiful season of love is right here. It is celebrated every year in our home almost like a festival as me and hubby are teen sweethearts and when our little love was born he too became our little Valentine. 

With all the upheaval last year has created in our lives, it is the celebrations and festivities  has kept us sane in the pandemic era. So if you are planning to have a tiny little celebrations on Valentine’s Day for your loved ones or your special love, I am so proud to share with you how you plan it in a budget with supporting small home businesses in doing the same. 

In last one year I have realised that homemade gifts with love are indeed the best presents as they come with a personal touch. So here are Best Valentine’s Day Gift in 2021 ideas for you to make your day memorable. 

1..Personalised Cake: A perfect cake depicting your love can actually be the best Valentine’s Day gift. Search for a home baker near you with good ratings( I use instagram for it), get in touch and get a personalised cake made of your choice. This is safe as well as you are supporting home grown small businesses which is so wonderful. Their costs too are optimal and their works are often artistic marvels. They themselves can guide you with perfect ideas for your need.

2..Heart chocolates with funny crazy personalised notes: Heart shaped Chocolates or cupcakes are irresistible, ask your baker to add personalised love messages given by you on each. Relishing them together can be utmost fun and so full of love. I normally get these made from my home baker too with personalised notes for both my Valentines my hubby and my little sonny. I make them out of the box crazy and funny to add my personal touch to them.

3. Hand painted Scarves: If you yourself are into art, paint something precious and unique for your love. You can also order it online to a free lance artist near you through google or instagram or Facebook. I rely a lot on online small businesses as supporting them in the pandemic era is the cause I have associated myself with.

4. Personalised Mini-planters with beautiful greens: This can be a real thoughtful gifting option too. You can buy these planters from the potters near you who are hit hard by the pandemic. You can ask them to paint them as you desire with beautiful designs on it and then  plant lovely succulents or the plants of your choice in them. Kept on your love’s table they will keep the fragrance of your love fresh in his/ her heart forever.

5. Customised scented candles: Talking about fragrance, scented candles customised to the occasion can leave your partner mesmerised. They are versatile gifts which can never go wrong no matter how choosy your love is. I normally buy it from an N.G.O. where blind kids make them. I even buy bags made by them so often. You can find then online or in all Radisson properties across India in their spa for sale at a very nominal price.

6. Floral decor: In addition to any of the above, decorate the place you wish to celebrate at with vivid flowers of your choice from your garden or the flower selling lady at the crossings. Spray sanitisers on them before using to stay safe. Go for minimalist decor preferably red and whites will do the trick. They have always worked for me.

7. Poetic Compositions: You can explore a literary outing for your Valentine if you and he/she are inclined towards it. Prefer writing it yourself or outsource it to a writer you know really well and would weave your feelings most genuinely. 

8. Portrait Paintings: I feel a portrait of your partner or of a rare photo of you two can be a lovely original Valentine gift. You can help a worthy painter this way too. Paintings are so underrated as an art form and as a priceless gifting idea it really needs to evolve. Explore it if you feel an inclination to art.

9. Personalised jewellery: A lot of women artists make beautiful handicraft jewellery pieces at home based on our likes and dislikes. A cute bracelet or anklet or a neck piece can be a worthy Valentine’s Day gift.

Your names embossed on a beautiful nameplate: Our names etched together always  proved to be a timeless classic gift for our loved ones whether they be on rice grains or stylish artistic name plates. I normally get these from the artisans at Dilli haat here, I am sure you can connect with some small artisans in your tosh for these.

I hope these ideas shall help you make your celebrations of love memorable ♥️

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