Monday 12 October 2020

ZEE5’s New Release ‘Expiry Date’ is a MUST-WATCH Suspense Thriller: Honest Review


Guess how I ended my eventful birthday weekend with a bang. Yeah, I curled up on my couch and binge-watched a super suspenseful thriller ‘EXPIRY DATE’ on my favorite OTT platform ZEE5 and just relaxed. I have been rooting for this one ever since I heard of it. Thus, decided to chill with it on the weekend and I am so glad I picked it. This is one of my most preferred genres in entertainment and I was sure this web series will supersede my expectations.

 Here’s my review of the show for all of you. If you love investigative thrillers based on love, lies, and deceit, this one is undoubtedly for you.



 At the onset let me admit, the first thing that fascinated me about this series is its unique name. It instigated in me the first seed of curiosity.

 Expiry Date, an engaging ZEE5 Original drives us crazy as Vishwa’s beautiful love story which goes bad with certain #BuriedSecrets reveals in flesh back. There’s an unexpected twist and turn, I guess every few minutes. Vishwa’s life is an epitome of perfection until he discovers on his first wedding anniversary that the love of his life Disha is cheating on him. He discovers she has an extramarital affair with a gym instructor Sunny. Burning in vengeance he kills her. To cover-up, he approaches the cops to file her missing complaint only to find out Sunny’s wife Sunitha has filed a similar missing complaint of Sunny the same day.

 Times reveal she too had murdered her husband in a fit of anger. Vishwa and Sunitha then hatch a plan and try to convince the cops their spouses have eloped but there was someone else who knew of their crimes. Oh my, you must watch the series to discover this mega entertaining edge-of-the-seat kind of thriller. Trust me I just finished watching the 10 episodes, 5 straight hours and I still have a strong gush of emotions flowing by.



 We get to watch some wonderful actors in this series which uplift the standards of this show to great heights. You will get to watch Tony Luke as Vishwa, Sneha Ullal as his wife Disha, Ali Reza as the gym instructor Sunny and Madhu Shalini as his wife Sunitha. Honestly, all of them did great justice to their roles. While I already was a great fan of Tony Luke’s earlier work, Madhu Shalini was an absolute delight to watch. The rest of the cast did a fair job too.



 I so loved the way #Expirydate is directed by Marthand K Shankar, already critically acclaimed for some of his previous work. He grabbed our attention every single moment and the series was UNPUTDOWNABLE.

 The screenplay is a treat to watch and the shadows photography and the background mystery score all added to the charm to the show.

 Impeccable portrayals by the lead cast are something I deeply appreciate too about this unparalleled goosebumps giving fast-paced thriller.


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 You will recall, I wrote to you on ZEE5 Original Churails which was on somewhat similar lines. Incase this is your favorite genre too, you may also choose to watch The Chargesheet: Innocent Or Guilty, The Verdict: State V/s Nanavati, Rustom and Jism on this OTT platform.



 After watching this incredible show, I now know how it got such high ratings by so many leading portals like The Hindustan Times, The Quint, etc. I myself would have safely rated it a hearty nine on ten which is my best so far.


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Honestly, I admit I got so smitten by this show that I had to share my earnest review with you all, almost immediately. I am sure you are going to like it as much as I did. You can watch this incredible thriller here.

Truly Yours Roma

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