Saturday 31 October 2020

HiPi Premier League on ZEE5: A Worthy Treat for all Cricket Lovers

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Ours is a family of cricket lovers. While my husband has always been the most ardent cricket fan, his love has rubbed on sonny and me over the years to the extent that it now almost feels like a religion at our place. But the last eight months of lockdown and then gradually opening up of the world, due to the pandemic, has kind of been morose for us, diehard cricket fans. Thus when ZEE5 announced HiPi Premier League 2020, the biggest cricket extravaganza of the year, we jumped off our chairs in excitement. It is so much fun playing HPL and trying every way our team wins.

I am sure you will like to know more about it, so here you go.

What is HiPi?

HiPi is a super entertaining short video app on ZEE5 launched in July’20 where we can upload and watch videos of up to 90 seconds. The content curators, celebrities, and social media influencers like me just love this place as is evident by the high-quality rich content we upload on it across all genres. For viewers too, it is an absolute delight. It is available as part of the ZEE5 App which is impressively heading towards becoming a Super App that integrates all the ways and means of entertainment in one place.

What is HiPi Premier League?

Trust me when I say, HiPi Premier League or HPL is the most happening Sporting Spectaculars of 2020. It’s a one of its kind opportunity for all of us, cricket lovers to celebrate our favorite sport. It went live on September 19th, 2020. If cricket is on your mind all the time and you love curating short videos this one undoubtedly is for you where you can not only have a plethora of fun but can also win amazing prizes worth 10 lakhs.

What are the teams in HPL?

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Now here comes the most fun part. HiPi Premier League has eight exciting and awesome teams named impeccably after their regions and are owned by captains who are famous celebrities and renowned influencers like Sugandha Mishra, Sanket Bhosle, Gaurav Gera, and Ssumier Pasricha.

Here are the HPL teams for you:

• Hyderabad Hippers
• Mumbai Mastis
• Delhi Dhoomers
• Rajasthan Rockstars
• Punjab Putters
• Chennai Swaggers
• Bangalore Badshahs
• Kolkata Khiladis

I am playing for my favorite team, DELHI DOOMERS, and keeping my fingers crossed that we will win. The support of our captain Ssumier Pasricha to us is phenomenal. It’s such a pleasure to watch what exciting content the teams are curating including their captains. This contest is so much fun. There are so many people joining our teams every day to support their players.

Sharing with you below one of my most favorite video ‘Uncleji ka Bouncer’ on HiPi, there are many more you would surely love.

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How do you play in HPL?

If the idea of playing HPL excites you hop on it now. You can find HiPi on ZEE5. Just sign up and choose your favorite team and make short videos and upload. Simple isn’t it? While the competition gives you the much-desired adrenaline rush, creating unique content makes your creative juices flowing. I personally love the concept of HPL, it appeases the cricket lover in me.

Prizes Worth 10 Lakhs for HiPi Premier League Winners

The icing on the cake is the there are many rewards for HiPi Premier League Winners worth 10 lakhs. The user who gets the maximum number of likes on his video during a day or during the week wins fabulous prizes. Also, the season’s leading content creator wins the mega prize.

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All this is incredible fun and a perfect treat for all us cricket lovers. I am having so much fun playing it. Have you checked out the HiPi Premier League on ZEE5 yet? If not, download it now.

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