Saturday 27 June 2020

5 Tips to choose the best baby lotion

Tips to choose the Best Baby Lotion

Motherhood evokes a million emotions in us. It also gives birth to a fierce desire to give our baby nothing short of the best. This calls for taking the utmost care in the products we choose for him. It is absolutely worth the effort to spend some time researching them before picking up any baby product, for example, a baby body lotion. Harsh chemicals can be baffling to our precious little’s tender and delicate skin. As a mother, I have been very particular about choosing the best baby lotion always, and in this article, I cover some pro tips on how to choose an ideal baby lotion along with my recommendations on the one I prefer.


1.  Free from Harsh Chemicals


Whatever we apply on our baby’s skin permeates to his blood and unfortunately, many commercial baby lotions have synthetic ingredients, such as silicon, parabens, phthalates, glycerides, dyes, SLS/SLES and artificial fragrances. These may contribute to conditions such as Eczema, allergies, nappy rash, and even SIDS. So our first responsibility is to ensure that the product we are using is 100% free from these harmful substances. We can’t fathom the harm they can cause to our little loves. So stay away from them if you wish to choose the best body lotion for your baby.




2.  Must have Organic Ingredients, Plant-Powered


The second most important thing you need to look out for is whether all the ingredients used are organic or not. It will be further better if they are certified organic so that we know that they are genuine are not just mentioned as a marketing gimmick. The right ingredients are so essential in making it the best baby lotion for toddlers.


In my opinion, plant-powered baby lotions are the best as they use the strong power of Mother Nature to cater to our infant’s needs as all their ingredients are from plants, essential oils & herbal extracts to soothe our baby’s skin. Look out for ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado & the richness of Coconut oil, which trust me, are awesome to nourish our tiny human’s fragile infantile skin. Thus pick a 100% organic baby body lotion which is totally natural, powered by nature, and has no artificial substances.




3.  Moisturize and Strengthen baby skin


A baby’s skin loses moisture five times faster than a grown-up person. Thus, choosing the best lotion for baby dry skin which makes up for the lost moisture instantly and keeps the baby’s skin moisturized for a considerable period, becomes so vital. A trustable baby lotion must also strengthen his skin against dryness. Personally, I prefer a light and non-greasy formula which is as pure as a mother’s love.




4.  Should be mild and gentle


We must also ensure that it is a proper combination of supple and rich plant extracts and oils that are mild and gentle in impact on the tender soft skin of a new-born. It must be the best natural baby lotion and must have undergone exhaustive testing and trials to make them the most appropriate and wonderful product for a baby with zero tolerance for anything going even slightly wrong.



5.  Calming and relaxing for the baby


Please make sure the baby lotion you choose has ingredients like pure essential oils and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera extract and Bees Wax which acts as an emollient and skin soother and thus helps in having a calming and soothing effect on him as you gently massage it on his skin.



The above points help me choose the best baby lotion always and for the last few years I have been using a brand which is honestly doing a phenomenal job in ensuring all of the above in giving us the best, the most organic, 100% plant-powered products range for our little loves and are absolutely free from toxic chemicals.




I am talking about Mother Sparsh whose products I can now trust blindly based on their wonderful results. Mother Sparsh baby lotion is today the top baby lotion in India. I can so vouch for them with all my heart because it has all pros and no cons for me.


I feel so relieved they have lived up to their promise of making their products true to their name ‘Mother Sparsh’ which means the invaluable, serene, and pure touch of a mother. Their plant-powered natural baby lotion has always been my favorite and honestly, I use it too as I have sensitive skin and this is so ideal for normal to sensitive skin types.



Enumerating crisply why I chose Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion over so many others and recommend it to you all:


·      It is an impressive botanical blend of Organic Herbs, Plant Extracts, and Essential Oils all so wonderfully nourishing. Starting from new-borns, I see a great potential of it being used across all age groups. It is undoubtedly a personal favorite of mine.


·      True to its name, every droplet of the lotion has the Sparsh of Mother Nature in its purest form.


·      It is a plant-powered formula with certified organic ingredients making it one of the most perfect natural baby lotions.




·      It moisturizes and protects baby’s delicate skin and keeps it dryness and itching free which makes it the best baby moisturizing lotion.


·      It has IFRA Certified Allergen Free Fragrance which is so desirable as the strong perfume tends to irritate the tender skin of babies. On the contrary, Mother Sparsh baby lotion has a very mild and soothing fragrance.


·      It comes in a rectangular dispenser bottle which is extremely comfortable to hold.


·      For its quality it is optimally priced at INR 395 for a big bottle of 200ml and is value for money.


I earnestly trust that the above tips and recommendations will help you in picking up the best baby lotion for your baby.


Do let me know if you have any further questions. Will love to address all your queries to the best of my abilities.




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