Tuesday 21 April 2020

Young adult Comedies on ZEE5 to rule our hearts #StayHometoZEE5

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I have always been an ardent fan of ZEE5 originals. So naturally, during these home quarantine days, I turn to them to get my daily dose of entertainment. Their Young Adult Comedies are my favorite genre at the moment as they make my mood lighter and switch me off from the worries of the pandemic that has crippled our lives for some time. Thank God for we have ZEE5 to keep us sane and make us laugh our hearts out sometimes to the extent that tears roll down our eyes.
In my today’s blog post, I am sharing about two of my favourite young adult comedies shows which are streaming now on ZEE5.

Virgin Bhasskar

Virgin Bhaskar is a sensational and quirky tale of a young novelist set in the backdrops Banaras.

Below I enumerate the reasons why you can’t give this one a miss.
      The series is a natural, if you are from Banaras or Allahabad like me, it sends you back in the memory lane. The accent, the feel, the vibes are very meticulously researched and the scenes of the Ghats where Bhasskar sits and writes made my nostalgic.

      He falls for Vidhi Pandey, a girl who is so out of her league and whether or not he gets his lady love is something you must watch out for.

      Bhasskar comes to Banaras from Allahabad, his hometown to prepare for UPSC exams but being teased by his friends for being a virgin at 27, he starts writing adult Hindi novels on the lines of Mills and Boons and becomes a massive hit.

      Though he makes success this way, Vidhi gets really furious to know about this. This breaks Bhaaskar’s heart.

      This hilarious series is about Bhasskar’s funny journey to set a few things right, I can’t reveal more as then you will miss the charm and suspense of the funny series.

      The lead pair Bhasskar and Vidhi, played by Anant Joshi and Rutpanna Aishwarya are super awesome and bring the rawness and impeccable portrayals very candidly.

      The series is definitely binge-watch worthy and tickles your funny bones.

      Do watch it to know if Mr. Bhaaskar eventually does lose his virginity or not?

Pic Courtesy: www.ZEE5.com

Love Bites

Now, this one truly is my kind of love story and I am so glad I watched it. It is the tale of a twenty-three-year-old boy, Vishwas Sharma who is a small-town middle-class boy who lives in Panchgani with his possessive mum and dad. His childhood best friend is Shailaja who loves him unconditionally but he considers her only his friend.

Well, there are numerous reasons you will like this one, I enumerate a few for you.

      Vishwas has got a job in Pune and in the coming seven days he meets several gorgeous women who attract him in their own unique ways and he kind of falls for each one of them though he gets dumped at the end of each day. Phew!

      Anshuman Malhotra’s charm as innocent and naive Vishwas is alluring. He has our heart and as an audience, we feel like saving the poor boy from the next love mishap.

      The series of events undoubtedly are super funny and beyond the young man’s control. But they definitely leave him enriched teaching him many lessons. The seven ladies in the series are gorgeous and worth checking out too. Each one has done a commendable job.

      If like me you love books made into movies and series, this one is adapted from Anmol Rana’s best-selling novel, Seven Days Without You. So, you know the series has seven episodes too and is about Vishwas realizing his true love by spending seven days without her.

      So, what happens eventually? Does he realize that his true love was his childhood Shailaja and no one else? Yes, he does.

      You must watch this one to know, goes Shailaja accept his love or marry the guy to whom her wedding is fixed?

      I bet you will surely love this binge-watch worthy super cute series.

These two sure have undoubtedly left me in splits recently and I recommend them to all of you. Tune in to ZEE5 and you will find these and much more worthy original series which can’t be missed either as you #StayHometoZEE5

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